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  1. russ3l

    Post Your 2015 University Offers Here

    UNSW combined law!
  2. russ3l

    HSC Results Countdown

    so full of anticipation I may just crawl under a rock and pretend like I exist in a vacuum of worries
  3. russ3l

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Rich to you and your answer! I'm glad we had a similar line of argument, it somewhat affirms our accuracy haha :) Since we are rid of the exam I'm more than happy to share my scripts with you, as long as you share your scripts! Would love to read the analyses from others As for the raw mark...
  4. russ3l

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Don't feel bad - the marker wont know what you were feeling :) chill and enjoy what's ahead
  5. russ3l

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    My hand writing is quite big! But i definitely would have hit 1500+ words for both. Have a wonderful 4 month holiday :)
  6. russ3l

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    I thought it went well but could have been slightly better! Subjectivity reigns in this subject so I can't definitively say how well I went - should be an e4 though! Creative went alright - I weaved in 'apology' quite nicely, I didn't just paste it in my creative haha it held some sort of...
  7. russ3l

    Anyone else too relaxed?

    Here's to my Romantic contemporaries :)
  8. russ3l

    Carrotsticks' 2014 Extension 1 HSC Solutions

    @carrotsticks! what will a 54-56/70 get me? Would you say this exam year's exam was harder or easier than last year, your opinion?
  9. russ3l

    E4 raw mark??

    55/70 ---> ?
  10. russ3l

    Extension 1 HSC 2014 Prediction

    Praying that, since 2013 MX1 was relatively more difficult than other years, 2014 MX1 will be relatively easier. They did it this year for 2U so fingers crossed!
  11. russ3l


    It'll be excessive to use the whole quotation, so break it down: - "no one knew if they would live to see the end of the day" --> hyperbole in "no one" - "digging bodies" + "falling shells" --> visceral, gory, macabre, martial imagery (any of your choosing) - Accumulation --> the...
  12. russ3l

    b6 cutoff?

    I doubt the cut off will be this high because, although you may have thought it was "too easy compared to last year" (which it was to some extent) you gotta factor in everyone in the whole state and their outlook. The situation will probably be: the cut off will follow trend and be about low...
  13. russ3l

    Question 15 c) i)

    Yeah I had that answer too and the same thinking process, whereby it said "find m" in the next part, so finding something in terms of m sounded right. It's also confirmed that both are correct, it's just whether the BOS accepts our answer - tbh since they were slightly ambiguous we should be...
  14. russ3l

    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    84/100 im seeing myself...b6?
  15. russ3l

    b6 cutoff?

    how about an 83-85/100? from my understanding, 90-92?
  16. russ3l

    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    <3 there's a lad called Gary and he's just a bundle of legends! (best best-friend anyone could have :) FatRichBoy is lucky)
  17. russ3l

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    A response (granted it was a reasonable) can never be wrong; as long you've support whatever you said with ample detail you should be set man :) But you may have misinterpreted the key terms of 'nationalism' and 'democracy' (it was, above anything, referring to Nazism defined through nationalism...
  18. russ3l

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Just to chime, the way I answered the question was nationalism, to a large extent, did triumph over democracy in the period between 1918 and 1939 (no shit) because: 1) the intransigent/rigid mindset of most Germans were bounded by nationalistic ideals and disproved a complete acceptance of...
  19. russ3l

    Raw mark for State Rank?

    If your friend beasts it you'll both state rank provided that your external (which is assumed will be allocated to him) doesn't drag him down. There seriously no full indication on whether someone will state rank or not because there are just tooooo many factors to consider, you may have fucked...
  20. russ3l

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Have you ever been told quality not quantity? :P granted you answered the question, you've written more than enough for 25/25