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  1. x jiim

    PAID Participants needed for interview study on online interactions (PhD)

    update: all interviews can now be conducted via skype if easier/preferred!
  2. x jiim

    PAID Participants needed for interview study on online interactions (PhD)

    Are you active on social media or someone who participates in online forums? If so we're interested in hearing about your experiences with online communities, standards of un/acceptable behavoiur, and any negative experiences you've had online. You'll be paid $20 to attend Macquarie University...
  3. x jiim

    Subject Selections 2012

    PSYC2011- Brain & Behaviour PSYC2012- Statistics & Research Methods PCOL2011- Fundamentals of Pharmacology BIOL1003- Human Biology PSYC2013- Cognitive & Social PSYC2014- Personality & Intelligence PCOL2012- Drugs & People ANAT2010- Concepts of Neuroanatomy timetable will be a nightmare ugh
  4. x jiim

    Bachelor of Psychology and Biological Sciences a useless degree? Help D:

    If you don't actually want a job in psychology, maybe just take psych electives in a science course? I know at USYD it's pretty much impossible to do a double degree with BPsych, but you can choose two majors in a BSc or whatever. Also, to practice as a clinical psychologist you need to study...
  5. x jiim

    what makes james ruse better than other schools??

    na it's actually cause our english teachers are like this
  6. x jiim

    Discussion- Quality of teaching at different schools

    not always. off the top of my head I can only think of two times when student pressure caused (?) teachers to leave, one was more or less accused of perving on students and the other one was racist against asians HAHAHAHAHAHA. mostly if our teachers are bad people will just get private tutoring...
  7. x jiim

    Is psychology all its cracked up to be?

    To practice psychology you need the four years honours plus an extra two years of clinical training, and then I think you start working. It's definitely not all mentally-impaired people, I know quite a few 'normal' people who see psychologists about things like stress, family relationships...
  8. x jiim

    What's A Good Course To Study At Uni?????

    out of those, an accountant. you're not going to be that good a doctor/psychologist if you're only in it for the pay, and you can't even spell engineer. just saying..
  9. x jiim

    So what's new with you and your significant other/crush/desired person/ etc?

    shadowdude. D&Ms are very different to S&M, if that's what you're thinking of..
  10. x jiim

    Timetables (Semester 2, 2011)

    tuesday :\
  11. x jiim

    Desired uni course.

    It depends on the subject, I think. Doing maths/chem/sociology/psych and almost all of the lecturers, tutors and demos are good, most are great and some are amazing. Especially for psych. But I might be a tad biased there. Missing Shadowdude is my one regret about not going to UNSW ):
  12. x jiim

    Sulphate content in Fertilizer prac

    this prac is a bitch. try not to tear the filter paper. this is the write up from my notes- Weigh two filter papers. Grind some fertiliser into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. Weigh out approx 1g, place in a beaker and dissolve in about 250mL 0.1M HCl. Stir to dissolve as much solid as...
  13. x jiim

    just a quick question about mx2?

    84 and 87 raw both aligned to 93 last year iirc, so somewhere around 92-100/120ish?
  14. x jiim

    Draft exam timetable (Sem 1, 2011)

    14/6 09.20 CHEM1901 14/6 13.50 SCLG1001 15/6 15.00 MATH1902 16/6 9.20 PSYC1001 17/6 9.00 MATH1901 yuck. are uni timetables always this bunched up? :\
  15. x jiim

    Most hated module/topic so far?

    out of the all the subjects I did, I'd have to say modC Birthday Letters was the worst, closely followed by conics in MX2. so happy there's no compulsory english in uni.
  16. x jiim

    HSCers! What were YOU actually doing during Prelims?

    yeah, make sure you understand everything in maths, the basics (eg moles) of chem and how to write a good essay. that's pretty much all you need to get through prelims.
  17. x jiim

    HSCers! What were YOU actually doing during Prelims?

    I wish I'd gotten a job during prelims.
  18. x jiim

    Does Ruse write their own Trial papers?

    I'd say ruse maths papers are harder (but probably not as hard as sydney grammar), english papers are easier (cssa seem to ask some pretty dicky questions in comparison) and chem papers are about the same, although the marking criteria makes it harder to get marks sometimes. ancient's about the...
  19. x jiim

    EX-JAMES RUSE, 99+, COMM/LAW student tutoring ECONOMICS

    bump for a lovely person who really knows her stuff (: