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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    i am a dumb shit...i didnt even think to say anything really about revenue raising activity...i did however find that you could use current econ data in the protection question --> the US Farm Bill and the EU CAP which both significantly effect our export base, but i did speak about how...
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    i thought the exam was pretty good. everything i studied for (except reverse free trade/protection) done heaps on fiscal. breezed through mc - probably because of the fact i have done thousands!! sa not too bad...briefly stumped ona couple, but in all i think the exam will be marked easy...after...
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    Question 25

    i put that marty, but im pretty sure its wrong. i think you only square root the r because its the only squared thing. could be wrong, but i worked it out after the exam, but i cant find it now!!
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    Yes Or No

    i had the compound interest stuff written out...so the right answer then crossed it out and did some other crap..which is wrong...walked out of the exam and wondered how i could be so stupid...so yes the ci formula thing is right...tho i still said he will fall short so hopefully ill get a...
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    A Printing Error In Question 8!!! Question Wont Count!!!

    i just thought that the striaght line indicated the break even point. because he outlaid $300 so his break even was $300. you cant draw a negative break even point because hence it wouldnt really be viable....anyway how bad was the last one of q28. i crossed the right answer out :chainsaw:but...
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    i got small writing so i always right less, but 5 for germany, 5 for riefenstahl, and only 5 for arab-israel (well 6 if you count the half answer tot he other question) but the exam wasnt too bad at all. i liked it, for an exam :)
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    Source C.. what the?

    fuck then i wrote about its origin and all that, motive...crap crap...i guess i did it wrong then cos i only mentioned the content...did anyone to the arab israeli question...
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    What time does paper 2 start?

    well if they were looking for context and humanity and nature and all those lovely things i should ace it..what about the comparison? i think i wrote they have the same primary idea...humanity blah but have differing other ideas due to context :confused:
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    Conversation - Names

    jack and jill...and were we meant to argue because my two peeps were very open minded...a feminist and a socialist...what exactly were we meant to discuss anyway?? i have a bad feeling bout all this now :(
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    Yeah Baby!

    The exam wasn't too bad :rolleyes: BR/BNW: I thought I might have stuffed this one up cos the values bit threw me, but on second thoughts think I did well with the question KL: Was dreading the thought of anything other than an essay, but since interviews and conversations are my next...
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    the justice game

    hey....i was wondering if anyone is doing the justice game (looks liek u all doing frontline!!!) and what they are using for their supplementary material...i've seen something in jeff mcmullens book in relation to the prisoner of venda (mozambique and hte ian gray case) but im not sure what else...