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    Performance Exam Thing-a-ma-jig

    i play piano n trombone, i did "study" by stephen heller for my core piece, did "just bach" on trombone for the topic of jazz, "Macarthur parK" on piano for instrument and its repotoire and i did a composition for music of the 20th century.
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    The Test Was Fucken Easy! And I Being Serious...i Really Found It Easy

    if u found that test easy u r a nerd, or just a freak, i finished wat i could do in a good hour n a half.. and me mate finished in like 55 minutes... i was soo stupid for doin that subject..
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    Information Technology

    did anyone notice in the last question in section three had a typo.. there was a date that actually went back in time..
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    Information Technology

    i thought the exam was good apart from the ports n stuff cause i had no idea of any except the USB.. mite have known them if i studied.. wat did everyone think of section 3? i thought they sucked.
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    Music 1

    im a trombonist, but i live on the northern beaches, u mentioned before it'd be based round ryde. its a fair hike for me to get out there especially when i dont have a car.. also got a band as well and have played a fair few gigs, but we havent practiced for a while because of hsc, and we...
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    Music 1

    wheres this ska band based?
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    Just did the exam. What did YOU think?

    i thought it sucked big time, i didnt know my stuff as well as i should of.. but u get that dont u:chainsaw:
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    Music 1

    i thought the music was pretty good. Not as hard as i expected, but then again, the results could say otherwise!