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    How Many Pages Did You Write?

    30 for the essay. 16 for the creative... :S i always write so much. i have big writing too..
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    Retreating from retreat from the global.

    i HATED the creative, loved the analytical. thought it was great... i had 3 diff creative things prepared, and that stimulus threw me so bad. i hated the elective too... ill join in the stabbing
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    What Personality Did You Do?

    Abert Speer. I thought the second question was a bit difficult. It kida led to the later period of his life. The earlier stuff did fit though... i thought it did anyway. i was among the minority who did in my group, lol. i started with it though. i think those questions will always be easy-ish...
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    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    i loved it. i thought the questions for my modules and texts were fantastic. lol, i think ive been the only person ive heard say that. i had basic essays planned, and everything fit in perfectly. i finished right on time and wrote all that i wanted to. very very happy with this paper... only one...
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    Finishing early + other stuff

    I had a girl leave after bout 45 mins in mine... dont think that was well done. i went slowly, so i think i did a good job. i work fast generally, which is great for things like english where i have lots to write but i had heaps of time to spare... i did p&h in about 30, egypt in 30, hatshepsut...
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    Hatshepsut Question!

    I know! most ppl from my school did too. how bad is that! ahh... i wasnt too happy with the question on foreign policy... i was scared wen i first read it.