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    Wireless net @ ANU

    But is it free? and what is the net usage quota?
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    Wireless net @ ANU

    I remember seeing an article in the paper a while back about wireless net being installed throughout the campus. Anyone know anything about this? Will it be paid for by the Uni? will one be able to get it in the halls?
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    for a pretty much descriptive poem, almost solely about some strong wind, 'Wind' is incredible. How can wind be a mad eye? Yet it seems to work so intensly well. One of my favourite poems.
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    Hitch - Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    kudos to the avatar, sonicyouth! did you see them? holy crap, i lost my self at least 6 times in the curling of their solos.... as for what i was saying: i oscilate between thinking that the books are really clever and well constructed, and that they are nothing but wit and cheap tricks with...
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    2003 HSC Marks

    Drama 2 88/100 95/100 92 6 English (Advanced) 2 94/100 97/100 96 6 English Extension 1 1 49/50 47/50 48 E4 English Extension 2 1 48/50 49/50 49 E4 Mathematics 2 92/100 94/100 93 6 Physics 2 93/100 97/100 95 6 Philosophy - Distinction Course 2 High Distinction N/A N/A N/A weeerrrrdd
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    how did all the 2003ers go?

    48 external 49 internal 49 hsc mark :/ well done all those who have got such good marks...
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    The Plays The Thing..

    Beckett is god-like. Absurdist theatre is all too often just novelty theatre, but Beckett is the absolute master of it, and his work comes off with multiple layers of deep deep /deeeeep/ existential depression. sigh. Wilde also is very good, although i am not very familiar with his work. I...
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    the ellie chronicles- sequel to the tomorrow series

    Its a fair soap opera of a series. The writing is pretty bleary aimed at young-teenage readers. if my book pile shrinks enough, i may read it. I really like the concept of the series, especially the political and social projections. but marsden totally played these things down. what i wanted...
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    Hitch - Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    I have the first 4 in one book. I am always unsure where to place Douglas Adams' work. I never know whether to think of ti as truely meritous literature, or as cheap tricks to expose the fundamentalities of our condition. I much much prefer the former, but often his complete disregard for...
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    BOS Showcase: 2003 Major Works

    i swear, saul, that many of my truely significant ideology shifts have occured whist stoned. in addition, i have written stuff down, and checked it in the morning, to find that it holds insight, that i had forgotten but that proves significant even when not under the influence. in short...
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    He wrote a long(ish) book called "Tyrannus Nix" about Nixon and the state of the USA at the time. It is very rambling, a little incoherant at times, but entirely endearing. and its written in his hand writting! I would reccomend it to anyone; doesn't take long, but its such a different type of...
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    The City You said, "I will go to another land, I will go to another sea. Another city will be found, better than this. Every effort of mine is condemned by fate; and my heart is -- like a corpse -- buried. How long in this wasteland will my mind remain. Wherever I turn my eyes, wherever...
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    BOS Showcase: 2003 Major Works

    yeah it does saully.
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    designated thread for news re marks/showcase/comments/leaked info

    hehehe. thankyou for actually reading my post, sally.
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    designated thread for news re marks/showcase/comments/leaked info

    i know this is very very hopeful, but yeah. drama and V.A. students have had their works returned, and the ones selected for OnStage/Art Express have been announced. so whats the werd people?
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    Noobies considering Video Drama.

    maddogz person: when did you get your letter? :/ I'm just feeling.... sad. maybe the post.. or their offices .. or or or or :/ oh well. back to life...
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    Individual Projects Returned Yet?

    what type of project were they?
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    How'd You's Go?

    The Australian theatre question was a major oddball for me, and everyone in my class. The absurdist question was striaght down the line really
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    how many pages?

    18 for analytical 10 for creative i go to a very nerdalicious school, so i am totally surprised to hear about people writing so bleary much..... at my school people were surprised about my quantative achievement...
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    thanks gizmo! and thanks extra specially to sally... ps. i owe you coke.