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    Planck Vs Einstein

    this is how u can remember it easily... 1- Einstein waz a dickhead. He was opposed to mass destruction when he waz in Germany but then in America he changed his mind and wrote a letter to da president about how Nuclear power can be used. 2- Planck waz a #1 man in Germany. He waz more commited...
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    Projectile motion

    i dont think so. use da formulas they r easy enough..
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    What Did U Think ??

    i didnt really study for da exam i tried da last day and da morning b4 da exam and i thought it ll be more easier, our teacher waz talking about some changez in da exam. BUt no fuckin exam waz bloody hard, harder than last yearz Q23 really sucked the otherz were ok . but still i think that exam...
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    i dont think so alwayz becauz u not under pressure da examz u do at home seemz easier
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    Qs 5 c , 6b, 7 i had no idea
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    the exam waz alrite but wats up with da last questionz same in 2u i didnt touch da last questionz. And da other inverse question waz a bit hard it takes 2much time...
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    Pretty fair...

    yeah the exam waz alrite easier then da catholic but there were some questions like just waste of time. i alwayz thought thoze sketching questions meaningless anywayz now have 3u next so not 2 worry 2much...
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    Mistake On Question 10!

    That last question waz how can i put it... fucked up!! i m not saying anything 2 da part A it waz ok . but da part B waz really stupid and as ppl say "that question waz 2 differentiate da smart ones" i say thats bull!! dat question waz only crap... i can say i never done a question like dat in 2...