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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    . I think 3 . Was (A) as they want to reduce cyclical unemployment as done in the recent GFC the use of expansionary fiscal policy lowered cyclical unemployment
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    Multiple choice answers?

    Think about it from my point of view its not called an income if you have expenses. Revenue is the same as income , money thats generated less your expenses i dont know use could be right its a tricky one
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    Here are the solutions to the paper (marked by my teacher)

    Ahhh fkdd upp that 27.(d) FML, never read the question properly
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    Here are the solutions to the paper (marked by my teacher)

    I got a diffrent answer to the other guy but i used the present value formula. 17000/ (1.19)^5= $7123.83 + $17000 =$24123.84 / 5 / 12 = $402.06, im not sure about this question thougj alot of peoe used simple interest?
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    Here are the solutions to the paper (marked by my teacher)

    Q.23 b ii- i got 302, because the equation was 3x + 2, figure 100., (c) was $6700 1.340 x 5000, , Q.24 (iii) 260 degrees was 259 to nearest degree., Q27 (i) i got 30,048 km, (ii) 112 degrees E, 4 degrees S , Q27 (d) i got emma i dont know how you got your answer but...
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    Multiple choice answers?

    This is what i thought, but you have to remember income means minusing expenses/ costs and you should know at break even point income = 0
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    Multiple choice answers?

    I'm almost certain question 20 is (A) as break even point means 0 income therefore, the income Would be the revenue- cost being 50,000- 35,000 = $15000 (A)
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    raw band 5 and 6 cut off this year roughly?

    76 i doubt that low, i thought if u get the 70s mark you get scaled down? i done the exam today and honestly dont know what to expect hoping for 80 +
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    Anyone done ipt independant paper yett?

    if anyones does the IPT independant paper i got it on tomorrow anyone have any hints or clues what exactly to focus on the most, my option topics are multimedia and DSS
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    English trails: Anyone done the independant paper yet?

    the title says it all, and if you have any help with what the questions will be and short answers etc..
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    Atar Calculation

    I dont care if this is the wrong page whatever just answer the questions what do use reckon? School ranked 220 in the state All these are my marks added up together so far and averaged still got my trials left General Maths: 97% 1/80 English Standard: 84% 1/75 Economics: 86% 4/27...
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    Post your half yearlies grades

    Mine were oright cant complain other than IPT. dont know why its my easiest subject but i just hate it Standard English :84% - Rank 1st/83 Economics: 85%- Rank 4th/27 General Maths: 97% - 1st/76 Business studies: 86% - 4th/60 IPT: 52%- 8th/40 (lucky i got 80% in previous assesment even though...
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    Yr 11 performance

    grades so far for half yearlys General Maths- 94% Economics- 83% Business studies- 80% English- 80% :evilfire:
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    requierments for UNI

    Ipt or software design
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    Bachelor of Chiropractic Science HELP!?

    Hi I finish hsc soon, and im thinking of doing Bachelor of Chiropractic Science i was just wondering what the total years of study would be to become a fully qualified chiropractor, & how many years of study must you do before you can start working as a chriopractor beacause it says after you...
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    Prelim Subjects 2010- Standard English General Maths Economics Business IPT Senior Science(want...

    Prelim Subjects 2010- Standard English General Maths Economics Business IPT Senior Science(want to drop it so bad)
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    Hi Im thiking of catching physics, Just wondeing if it would be hard to catch up knowing other students are 4 weeks in. & Someone told me physics is really hard without 2-unit Maths i currently do general maths will that be a problem? Thanks for any help
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    Physics In Tafe

    Im wonderin if its still possible to physics as a hsc subject in tafe im in year 11 now and want to do physics but all the classes are full and how does it work because i want it to count to my ATAR THANKS
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    General Thoughts: Science

    mass= the matter in an object weight= is the gravitanional force pulling u down
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    General Thoughts: Science

    What did usee get for the one that had a line underthe Dna. (a) base (b)Chromosome (C)genes ??? i put( b )