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    So who's ready for tomorrow's exam?

    Luckily I can pretty much think up a story on the spot The essay is gonna be a killer... Like seriously, I love science fiction and all, but 2001 Space Odyssey just doesn't do anything for me. I'm hoping for the easy paper option (Dam Sig pic doesn't work :mad1:)
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    SOR I - Section 3! YOUR THOUGHTS

    Wow I am so glad it was a state-wide thing. Someone have a parent or friend on the news? We should SOO ridicule the crap out of it! Like someone said, I'm sure there's someone at the BOS with a price on their head now though anyway Good luck with English tomorrow!
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    Quick Question... actors

    Try some of your friends to start out with, I used my friends and they turned out to be fairly good actors, you never know until you try. And the plus is that they'll be more willing to help you and would be more flexible about when they can help Have a go first, if it doesn't work, then have a...