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    Anyone got the paper?

    yeah well thats what they told us...Were not alloud to take them out at all. Stupid cuz all other schools do.
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    Anyone got the paper?

    They told us we couldn't take them out because in other countries they do it after us and we cud send it to them.. :S
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    yeah pretty easy, for that egg one i did wisking egg white bein a gas in liquid colloid.
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    Asian guys going out with non-asian girls?

    yeah same except im half asian and my gf and all my gf's are and have been non asian.
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    hey man, im a real keen skater, do u have myspace or msn? we shud chat, your goin to schoolies yeah? me too and i gotta find some skaters up there, wud be hella rad, get backto me!
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    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    are there any humans here? i wrote flat out basically the whole time and got 3.5,3.5,3 you guys can write fast and big!
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    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    you tell him man, that guys a dick yeah and i would have to say.....FUCK i died in section 3 FUCK