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    FAQ: Early Entry

    Good luck to everyone applying for/going for an interview for Early Entry. It does take a lot of pressure off when doing the HSC but that doesn't mean you can slack off lol. When in the interview, be natural and confident. I went for BSc. Have a joke with the science faculty, they're crazy.
  2. K

    production of metals-select a plastic

    ethylene - polyethylene (high density/low density) vinyl chloride - poly vinyl chloride They are the two common ones. But there are many many more.
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    How have you manipulated the elements of dance?

    Hi rachel, The elements of dance should be one of the first things you learn about in class. It is also in your HSC dance syllabus, which i recommend you download from the board of studies webbie. -space -time -dynamics You can further broaden those topics eg. use of space > performance...
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    Extension 2 dance

    Wow, when I did dance back in 07, I didn't even hear about extension dance. I guess that's like ext music which my school had. Well done to everyone who did dance =)
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    Hey! First of all, I would like to congradulate you for choosing Major comp. I found core comp pretty hard so I hope you find it better. A really good place to start are the movie soundtracks that use a lot of composed instrumental pieces rather than songs. For example, for my core performance...
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    Class of 2008. Roll call

    Hey Everyone! I hope everything is going well in the Dance department. If you need any help please don't hesitate to drop a message or email me at kes918@uow.edu.au Good luck!
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    I'm not sure if these are what you are after. Hope it helps a bit =) - Factors were separated from one another when the sex cells were formed (Mendel’s Law of Segregation) - At fertilisation, offspring receive one factor from each parent randomly (Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment)
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    Did somone say no more english??

    I've been waiting for the time I finished the English paper. It's such a relief now. I feel like it's all over but I still have 5 more exams to go.. I was so happy that the question were easier to understand
  9. K

    anyone got 2 exams in a day?

    I'm pretty sweet with mine - Chemistry and dance on the day but only chemistry to worry about
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    Early Entry

    Oh actually, never mind. I just got my letter! I got accepted into Bc Science! =)
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    Early Entry

    Has anyone heard back from the faculty of science? And congrats for getting provisional entry. It's better than nothing. And even though I don't know who you are, I'm sure you'll get the requirements.
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    stuck on this question need help

    Ok, if any one reads this, I would like someone to explain something for me. From the 2001 HC paper, Question 7 c. Displacement: X= (t-2)/(t+2) ii. Show that x = 1 - 4/(t+2) In the answers it says: x = [(t+2)-4]/(t+2) = (t+2)/(t+2) 4/(t+2) = the question. Now I don't quite...
  13. K

    Call Back Nominations!!!

    I'm just guessing from where you live, are you at the performing arts school at wollongong? I saw some of the dances there at state dance festival, they were beautiful. Congrats for getting nominated for callback. All the best for later
  14. K

    Practical Examination Thoughts 07

    I must disagree. Dance is a wonderful subject! Lol. I think only 5% of my school think that.. since there's no senior classes for next year. sigh. It's good when your teacher knows their stuff and you like what you're doing. Good luck to CallBack students!
  15. K

    Practical Examination Thoughts 07

    I think that having different viva voce questions is a fantastic idea, it's about time that BOS caught on to the fact that people have been cheating for the past... I don't know who many years... Lol. I mean, it's only easy if you know your stuff, therefore it would be wise to study all of your...
  16. K

    Practical Examination Thoughts 07

    I was pretty happy with all my dances. I could have done better in my Major P but what can you do? Lol I was the last person to get marked on Friday but the all the ladies were very nice. hehe I will comment on my vivas in a wek's time. I thought mine were pretty easy, I don't know if I answered...
  17. K

    wuthering heights 2007

    Yeah I'm doing it this year. I actually don't find it that bad. I think it's a good book thought i thought the endig could have been better lol... ah now get to write an essay on it...
  18. K

    I freak out in VIVAS.

    Lol thats ok, I suck at vivas too. Give yourself time and practise. you'll get it in the end
  19. K

    composition & apreciation

    Heehee Yeah.... But now I'm teaching it o my student which feels like I'm just starting over again. My original piece has changed thousand times over and will continue changing... Lol I think I'm at about 2 mins Good Luck Everyone!
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    How's your major work going?

    Thankgoodness I didn't choose Art as one of my subjects.. I had a feeling that the major work was goignt o be sooo stressful.. instead I picked Dance. My major is finished! And my Composition.... is not so finished but its getting there.... Good Luck Everyone!