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    What are all your MC answers?

    1-B 2-B (i thought that people wouldnt really go "im gonna use alternative medicine because i want a holitsic view of health", but D is probably the correct answer) 3-C 4-A (had a guess, couldnt really remember Jakarta declaration) 5-B 6-B 7-B 8-C 9-D 10-A (But my PE teacher said that...
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    For the payment question i said a shilling for enl;isting, shilling and 9 pence for rations, and a shiling to the sargeant. The other question i was the same so, i had an educated guess at what the answers were. They werent clearly defined, but the source was small, so they should be ok. For...
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    Source C.. what the?

    source c i just said that it lacked showing expectations, and since the women were well dressed and in a nice car i dribbled something about them earning money from selling crawford biscuits for the ration packs for soldiers. Absolutely no idea if its true, but wtf, i wrote it anyway. Also, the...
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    Just did the exam. What did YOU think?

    consumerism What other texts did people use for the last question regarding consumerism? i was stuck at first, and ended up using Richard Branson's autobiography, and this other thing on tv that i cant be bothered explaining. I thought the first question was way too broad. I did "The Club". Its...