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    How about just sucking it up and paying your damn taxes?
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    Am I good enough for Music Extension

    I did music ext. with only 3 years experience on my instrument and having taken no AMEB exams before (except on piano, which I dropped a few years ago). I did the essay though, but nevertheless did very well. So go for it, AMEB exams is a silly way to define your worth as a musician. What...
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    USYD vs. UMELB in arts and music

    The distance between the two campuses is really not a problem for me. My main concern is the quality of education. Anyone else doing the diploma of music at UMelb?
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    Must you study communications to be JOURNALIST?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was really any point in studying Media & Communications as an undergrad in Uni for a potential career in journalism. Do employers even care about communications degrees or do they focus more on specialisation (e.g. music degree for a music journalist or a...
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    USYD vs. UMELB in arts and music

    Hi all, I'm tossing up between going to UMelb with a bachelor of arts and diploma of music, or USyd with a combined Bachelor of Music studies/Arts degree. So what's the quality of arts like at Melbourne compared to Sydney, especially with English? And what's the diploma of music like? Can it...
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    UMELB vs. USYD in arts (especially English)

    Hi all, I guess the title pretty much speaks for itself. While I understand I may not get many non-bias comments posting this on a USyd thread, there was no alternative. Does anyone know much about arts at UMelb and how does it compare to Sydney, especially English?
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    Bachelor of MUSIC STUDIES

    Hi all, I'm currently agonising over whether to go to Syd or Melb Uni. I want to do arts and music, and while I know it's possible to do music within an arts degree, I would like study a more intensive music course. So what are your opinions of the BMusic Studies(/Arts) course at the Con...
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    So.. What about the New Generation bachelor degrees?

    I've searched the Melbourne Uni website through and through about information on the new Melbourne Model. But I'd really like to hear more from students. I'm interested in the BArts.
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    So.. What about the New Generation bachelor degrees?

    I've just finished high school in Sydney and I'm thinking of moving to Melbourne in a year (after deferring) to study at Melbourne University. The main concern I have is that Melbourne abolished all its combined undergraduate degrees while USyd still offers them. Is Melbourne's method of...
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    Offering Tutoring in Maths

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this but I've only just graduated from high school and I'd like to start tutoring yr 11 maths. Please PM me if you're interested, my math marks were 94 in adv. and 86 in ext. I'm willing to tutor in both advanced and extension maths, but preferably advanced. I...
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    General Scriptwriting Tips and Sites

    Damn, I thought using babynames.com to find significant meanings behind my characters' names was relatively original.
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    Swine Flu and the HSC!!!!!

    Seriously? The possibility of you or your loved ones catching a fatal illness leads you to think of only one thing... the HSC exams?
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    Do we read Frankenstein as a warning of the dangers of 21st century science?

    Ok. So redundant was definitely the wrong word to use -- a better one, perhaps, would be irrelevant. All Western governments are secularised. Religion is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the law, and with the affects of globalization, more people, especially the young, are being exposed to a...
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    Performance Tips

    I would firstly advise you to get lessons! Also, I know this is difficult, but practically you will have a better outcome if you pick either one or the other (singing or guitar) to present for your HSC. If you play the guitar just to accompany yourself, consider getting accompaniment instead...
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    CELLISTS Unite! (fine then.. Stringers unite.)

    Ouch, be careful what you say about the guitar... I play the classical guitar and am in love with it. We get blisters on our fingers, have to buff the nails on our right hand every day and do wild stretches that put us at risk of tendonitis. Please don't undermine our pain! Also, I'd advise...
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    Do we read Frankenstein as a warning of the dangers of 21st century science?

    But don't you think that the "new ethic of science" contradicts said warning? Who honestly believes today that a consequence such as Frankenstein's monster will befall society from cloning sheep? Human cloning is illegal, and ethics in science was unheard of in Shelley's day. Feminist...
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    Do we read Frankenstein as a warning of the dangers of 21st century science?

    If you put it into historical context, because of the influence the Romantic poets had over Shelley, it would make sense to say that Frankenstein is a reflection of the rejection of science that the Romantics valued. However, do you think that we still read Frankenstein as a warning today...
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    Why does my school appear only to be studying Module B?

    Am I missing something here? I didn't even know there was a Module A & C before this board. It's half-way through the year and nothing's been mentioned about them. Or am I just being incredibly thick...?
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    Obernwtyn related for Nav. Global

    Obernewtyn was my favourite book when I was 11! However from my shakey memory I can't recall what it had to do with globalization... But my memory's terrible and I'm not even studying Navigating the Global.
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    The Great Gatsby

    I'm not studying this text, but I wrote an essay last year in Ext. English on The Great Gatsby, its context and representation of American values. I don't know if this will be of any use but I did well with it so if anyone wants to have a look, PM me.