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    Homosexuality in Australia

    The identical twin research is fascinating, just looked up the Bailey/Pillard (1991) study: 52% of identical (monozygotic) twins of homosexual men were likewise homosexual 22% of fraternal (dizygotic) twins were likewise homosexual 11% of adoptive brothers of homosexual men were likewise...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    I disagree with that, I do feel there is an increased percentage (while still fairly low overall) for third, fourth, fifth and subsequent male children to be born with those inclinations. I read a similar statistic with regards to left-handers; a small correllation, but some scientific basis...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    Not only is divorce legal, but there existed restrictions on inter-racial marriage and women are no longer considered the 'property' of the male. How can a gay rights push lead to inequality? They don't have the civil right to marry the person they are attracted too and love, not the other...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    I would consider homophobia to be the social disorder. No one is born to hate or prejudge someone on any basis sexual orientation included, however there is considerable evidence that homosexuality is genetically an innate characteristic and not just in a percentage of humans. Adam and Eve...
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    yeh thats wat i got macca. then its 1-MPC to get MPS and the multiplier is 1 divided by the MPS to give the answer of 2.5 ... i just found a common trend that Y=60 plus 40 or something and it was easy from there...
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    lol.. talk about it.. when i saw there was no extended response on the case study i was pretty damn happy.. cause i wouldnt have been able to write much ;) damn it feels good
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    yeh i think the exam was excellent in its set out covering all topics evenly... mainly issues in the short answers and globalisation and economic management in the extended responses.... altho i didnt like that one about economic growth and its impact on ESD in short answers... altho the rest...
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    Mulit Choice Answers

    pretty much exactly what i got rob... except a couple.. question 11 when i did it i thought could be either a or b but i went a - which now i look at it confuses me :D
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    after thoguhts???

    so u didnt do the test in order jess?
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    after thoguhts???

    i also thought crime was good ... i had a feeling defences and the elements of a crime would b tested!.. i also liked short answers devoted entirely to human rights but some m.c's were a bit of a toss up.... i rekon that the board makes the essay questions a little too broad sometimes but it...
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    I have consumer and technology essays

    ditto last post... can i also have tech essay cause i find that section hard and id like 2 see wat stuff to put in it... my email is thatsriteuhhuh@hotmail.com .... much appreciated seza
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    What Did U Think ??

    well the exam starts in one hour so id find it hard to believe that;)
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    economy other than australia

    A good chance.. but it could be anything it may just be m8... it would be unwise to go in there without knowing it.. but they do give you a choice in that question and they could also ask how globalisation has impacted on Australia. I also think they may ask something about the limitations of...
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    Mistake On Question Part B!!!

    geez if i came out of the exam room with the feeling i got 80/84 or 82 or whatever it was.. i d b ecstatic and definately not planning to ring the board up to complain ;) .. i think u should settle with your mark sourz cause with or without the correction it's going to b top notch
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    Doing topics out of order ... ??

    Nah i think global first is the way to go. I think its only the first part of the section that is difficult.. because its sooo wordy and harder to learn... i mean with reference to trade, finance and investment and other indicators of globalisation... but once u get to methods and reasons for...
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    Some tricky multiple choice questions...

    i thought they were ok for (2) i got a - because allocating funds in like resource allocating but u mite be right when u say b for (3) i got c - but i thought it was cost plus margin - not cost ??? for (10) i also got a - thats the definiton they got in the book for (13) wasnt...
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    Who actually used a case study in 28/29?

    i dont agrree with idea of forming an "alliance".. the instructions are there to be read and thats what should b done before answering the question... and id hardly call it fine print... in saying that if u presented a coherent well structrued response to the question , i rekon u ll hav it...
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    HSC Business Studies (aftermath)

    u wont be only one.. at lea st 2 of my mates did the same thing. when i 1st read it i thought it was bit strange that they didnt mention "with reference to" in the question.. i guess the natural thing to do then was read the rubrik ::o
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    HSC Business Studies (aftermath)

    i wrote one full booklet for q29 -- and thats with bout 7-8 words a line but in the form of a business report which helped space it out more... i guessed that case study would be in it so i knew it really well - just had to vomit it out... but i think my 5 pages on 27 werent as good
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    HSC Business Studies (aftermath)

    hehe it felt pretty good.. i think it was excellent that in section 1v they had two completely different focuses as opposed to two employment relations --- in which case i would hav been in trouble.. and q 27 was ok but i did it last and wasnt in the best shape of mind.. overall pretty good... i...