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    Incorrect times?

    Unless GMT in this case is some random location, then the server or forum is misconfigured. It is approximately 9:27 AEST (UTC +10:00). Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me? (Profile configuration problem?)
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    My Guide to HSC at TAFE.

    Newcastle campus also offered Mathematics Extension 1 this year (2007) and last (2006). It runs subject to demand at the moment (as with all subjects I think!), and this year we ended up with a class of five students! Going by past papers that we've been given throughout the year, it also ran...
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    My Guide to HSC at TAFE.

    I responded to your question in the other thread. For the rest, view: http://community.boredofstudies.org/3154078/post-317.html
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    Hsc At Tafe?

    Please note: All of this is in regards to the Preliminary and HSC when completed together in one year through TAFE NSW. Yes, it is. It may depend on the campus, institution and coordinators as to how willing they are to let you do it though. I am currently doing my HSC at the Newcastle Campus...
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    girls i need your opinions!

    I'm not quite a girl, last I checked, and my sister isn't (yet) on the pill and I've never had a girlfriend I've been (directly-in-contact) intimate with, so I can't say from first-hand evidence. Now I'm sounding like a Board of Studies Science syllabus. Moving on. I could sound predictable...
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    Greenpeace urges kangaroo consumption to fight global warming

    Or, you can just become vegetarian. And last I checked: more plants, more CO2 aborption. :) Vegetarianism++ And I've only been one since April. (Well, in terms of consumption blatant animal products. How was I to know that glucose lollies and marshmallows contained gelatine (which is dead...
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    2007 HSC Specimen Examination: Question 21: Scientific or Rational humanism?

    The following is question 21 in the 2007 HSC Specimen Examination: (Page 36, (40 of 64), or 14 of the SORII paper) Then in the mapping grid (Page 48 (52 of 64)) it states as the for question 21. However, we were given the question in an assessment and the answer was marked as Rational...