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    Band 6 cut off?

    Yaeh 85 sounds about spot on with the money, easy test, but not a push over :D
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    How Long 4 Extended & Report?

    1 hour for each: 16 pages each essay BRING IT ON BABY!
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    Last Minute Help

    how do u caculate the acc. receievable turnover ratio.. everywhere i look i get a differnt answer :confused: thanks guys
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    Index Derivatives?

    Lol what are these hehe?
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    Getting Final Marks

    Hey guys, I know we get our hsc marks on 19/12 but i dont no where to get them from, or how to access them by SMS if you can.. Some help please :)? Thanks!
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    Thanks heaps ay, i think u just hit the nail on the head.. Best of luck 2 u... THanks again!
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to get some quick suggestions of what techniques to look for in the short answer part, when your asked to find them lol.. THanks in advance
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    Hard Mc

    Hey guys, just found this MC, n i have no idea whats the answer, n i couldnt find the answers page, so couldi have some suggestions plz? Investment company Alco owns a variety of shares in ASX companies and prices are falling steadily. Which of the following should Alco do to reduce risk? A)...
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    External Balance

    Hey guys, thankgod trials are over hehehe.. but i got another assesment and some pointers would b good. its an inclass essay and ive gotta learn it. the question is DISTINGUISH BETWEEN MICRO AND MACRO ECOMOMIC POLICY. ANALYSE HOW EACH MAY BE USED TO ACHIEVE EXTERNAL BALANCE FOR THE AUST...
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    Being Born Gay?

    hey can i ask ya something.... do u have naked pictures of ur gf
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    Being Born Gay?

    hey brogan.... YOUR A FAGGOT
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    Being Born Gay?

    Today my class had an arugment, whether you are born gay.. or u develop into a game from your surroundings... a good debate.. wat do you all think...
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    In The Wild Help!!!!

    hmmmm yeahhhh im getting it... but i still dont get wat to make the 5 scenes out 2 be... does ne1 have ne ideas... im really appreciating this guys~~!!!
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    In The Wild Help!!!!

    yeah i gotta make a cover that is for the theme in the wild, but i also have to rite 75 words on each 'scene' that i would make in the movie.. so i practically gotta make em up... and then i gotta rite an essay of 1000 words on this: ***A forward dat explains the contents of da dvd...comparison...
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    In The Wild Help!!!!

    Hey guys, id really appreciate some help here, esspecially because of my lack of artistic ability. I have an english assesment due in a 1.5 weeks that I have to create a 'DVD cover' incorporating 5 themes from both BNW and BR that shows my understanding of in the wild... I have no idea what to...