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    Fire/ Bomb Threat/ False Alarm

    I was doing my Accounting exam, basically everyone quickly told each other's answers hahaha.
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    uai prediction thanks

    Here are my results Exam Mark/Assess Mark/HSC Mark/Band English (Standard) 66/100 60/100 63 3 Mathematics 78/100 75/100 77 4 Senior Science 80/100 78/100 79 4 SDD 62/100 66/100 64 3 IT...
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    Read This Before Making Another Thread

    What the, thats wierd. Have you tried going into "user cp", then "Edit Options" and going down to : Use 'Email Notification' by default? - Then click on "no" ?
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    STAT/RET Results?

    I got mine back today, so horrible, i got 54 GRRRRRRRR Im stuffed :/
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    Post your overall thoughts

    The exam was full on scenarios, damnit man, nothing like how my trials was kinda set out. I found this paper quite difficult.
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    Apology to SDD students..

    Woah hearing all your SDD teachers sucks, i think mine is fine, he seems to know his stuff and we were in track with chapters and such, though the class was lazy thats all :/ Quite a strict SDD teacher with using the net sometimes and other times just cool.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    After searching about cochlear implant, i think C is the answer, not 100% sure though.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    Huh? It converts sound to electrical impulses? Yeah so what, is the the aim of the cochlea implant? How can the person benefit from a cochlear implant by it just converting sound to eletrical impulses? When you think of it, it could just help restore normal hearing because thats it's job.
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    How long before the end did you leave?

    Finished at 4 and left
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    How was it?

    I done Disasters, dead easy.
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    How was it?

    The exam was completely easy, except that 7 marks Q i think i stuffed that kinda since im kinda confused about microflora but the rest were easy spot on. You just had to remember your stuff.
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    Everyone ready?

    Yeah i think Senior Science isn't hard at all, you just got to memerise the core topics and one option.
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    it was so hard~

    Jee got to wait until everyone comes back and complains or praise.
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    Everyone ready?

    Well the exam is tomorrow, and since it starts at 1.55pm, it leaves a good amount of time for light revision in the morning :) Im trying to track down the experiments i done in class this year incase they ask for it in the exam. How is everyone else doing?
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    SMH Article: Tears at maths paper from hell

    The 2unit exam is over now, why is everyone still crying over it for? Its over and done with, focus on the your other exams.
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    And you guys think u had a bad day...

    True i was scared if my calculator would die on me so i brang two in case :)
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    BoS went easy on us?

    Yeah the questions were straight forward and didn't need to write it in a form of speech or interview or whatever. Maybe the BOS are understanding students finally haha. Hey, it easier for us then aye then last year anyway.
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    How much did you write?

    A - 3.5 B - 3.5 C - 3.5 Jee time goes by so fast.
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    1:00 am everyone is asleep except me :/