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    Subject codes on MyUni

    Yeah I can't find that assesment either- that WebCt page says that mostly nothing comes up until the beginning of the first sem. Whatever happened to making it available early? Kind of sucks, cause I was planning to do that court observation thing one of these days when I'm just bumming around...
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    hold on....who are you?! This isnt esther by any chance? I cant think of anyone else from my school wanting to be a journo..
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    Haha I love how you just assume I'm a guy...I'm a girl damnit! meh. I should probs change my username sometime soon
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    yeah I know it is...though I would still like to have one or two people I know there as a sort of safety net- in case everyone else turns out to be really unsociable for some reason. Because unlike the orientation week I dont get to just go home if Im having a crap time And the USYder's were...
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    What are these orientation camps like? Is there one for future communications people? If I get into my ideal course (law and journalism combined) I'll probably have to go to the law one though I'm not sure if I want to yet...I dont know how much fun I'll have stuck in a 'mystery location' for...
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    Thanks guys! And yeah, I had always figured it would just depend on the individual rather than the amount of open spaces...but I started getting a bit freaked out when I had like ten different people tell me otherwise. A friend of mine told me yesterday that "if you go to UTS, you'll never...
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    Student Life: UTS vs USYD

    Seeing as I dont know anyone who actually goes to UTS, I figured this would be the best place to get the general concensus of people who actually go there.... Whats the student life like at UTS? Everyone I've been talking to recently (all of whom go to USYD) go on about how its really hard to...
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    B Media or BA in Media and Cultural Studies?

    I'm really torn over what to do about my preferences- so any help from anyone would be really great. Firstly, would anyone be able to tell me the major differences between a BA in Media and Cultural Studies and a Bachelor of Media in writing? Because I know writing is the only thing in the...
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    What happens =S!

    Yeah I did the same thing for my trials- almost- except I had a detective and it was a bit more crimey than yours sounds. I had written it and given it to my teacher- and she just said 'works well' or something like that, and so I rewrote the story in my trials, just with better language, and...
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    Crime Fiction - Story

    haha well in a moment of pure creativity- I decided to have my victim killed off by a bike spoke... I realised about an hour later that there would be no reason at all someone would try to kill someone with a bike spoke- makes no sense at all especially as he had a gun in his hand- but that...
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    Module C: Representation and Text

    The question was really bad- made no sense (for birthday letters at least) considering they don't really talk about 'the significance of the truth' at all. Don't know how a question like that actually ended up in the HSC, without someone realising how badly worded and irrelevant it was. I...
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    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    Emma/Clueless= hell. My essay was nothing to do with marriage and the matchmaker theme and the like, so I just ended up vaguely linking points about the way in which gender roles and the value of self knowledge show the texts values toward the qualit of relationships in society. The majority of...