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    Society and Culture:General Exam Thoughts

    Shimmy&Shine, what do u mean when u say: "...although the ONLY thing that is reassuing me is that the lowest S&C HSC mark last year was 88, only two under band six overall. But i still feel like I've failed."??? I cant comprehend... :(
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    What Raw Mark u think u got?

    Yeah, it's like 50% Internal School Assessment, 15% external PIP (out of 30) and 35% External HSC Exam (out of 70). Hope that helps :) Good luck! ;)
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    What Raw Mark u think u got?

    I meant for PIP i got 14-15% yeah..... Lmao
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    What Raw Mark u think u got?

    Hmmmm school assesment i got 99%= 49.5% External i think i got 28-30....14-15% Exam i killed...65-70...33-35% So yeah...im definitely in the top ranks! : ) ;)
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    Society and Culture:General Exam Thoughts

    Piss easy exam, i cant believe we got the 4page booklets though! OMG i was lifting my hand for a new one every 10 mins!! haha Pop culture was a bit more complicated than previous years, but that's about it! Anywayz...three months to party like a mofo! Then i gotta make my mind up about...
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    Belinda Emmett dies

    Re: belinda emmet dies YESSS i know, it brought tears to my eyes... :( I feel so sorry for Rovey
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    2006 HSC Essay Questions

    OHHHH HOORRRAAYYY no case study possibility YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
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    I agreee...the mc were sooo gay there were like 4 iffy one's that i so am not sure of But i guess they had to make on section abit more challenging cuz everything else was so damn easy!
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    Emma/Clueless <-- OMGAHD SO FRKN BORING!!!!

    Hey there!! Well, i just thankfully wrote my last advanced english essay this monday! YAY. Yep, i did Emma/CLueless too. I'd advise u to persist in reading the book in conjunction with the excel or york notes 'Emma' study guide as u'll gain a more specific knowledge of the text and its...
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    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    That question was narrow (emma/clueless) but pretty straightforward if u knew ur texts well and talked about: - social hierarchy/fluidity - marriage, sex/dating - image/consumerism
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    Easiest Test Ever!

    Meh, the exam was HARD...way harder than my trials..but with that said, i still did very well and im glad it was very specific as it will certainly differentiate the prepared generic responses from the ppl who knew their txts really well
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    can i get 99?

    Can someone predict mine: here are my assessment marks: Eng ADv: 96% Society and Culture: 99% Legal Studies: 97% Economics: 96% Business Studies: 92% PLease!! it wuld be of much help. Thanks ppl and GOODLUCK ON MONDAY. YEAH, modules rock!!
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    Yeah, yr 11'ers dont worry. At least u see now consequences of taking this thing too far. Jesus, i just cant believe such a beautiful and fun-loving grl with so many friends wuld do this. Too hard to get my head around. Dont worry everyone. All will be well. My heart goes out to her family...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    Well, to think of it, unless ur writing is REALLY tiny, then u did too little to get an A range response, even if it was a good quality essay. U mite not be screwed thou if those 4 pages were really good thou. If that's any consolation.
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    I did like 8 pages sec 1 9 section 2 16 section 3 YAY
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    THat was generally a pretty easy exam if u prepared REALLY well for it. Although limited in scope, i liked the journeys questions as they will distinguish bw prepared essays and the ppl who actually answered the bloody question. But seriously, "interpretations of the new" for physical...
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    This Years English Paper Was Hard

    I found it reasonable, yet much harder than what i expected. I think i did very well, and i dunno why everyone's saying the comprehension was hard. It was EAASSYY; much easier than trial stuff i did. The extended response was far more challenging i reckon, and i precisely like it for that...
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    Section 3

    That was a pretty easy essay, wrote 16 pages YAY!! Anyway, yeah, it wasnt leaning too much towards physical journeys, but i argued it as one's PERCEPTION/ INTERPRETATION of the new landscapes and the psychological changes they experience which is the most prominent thing which happens along...
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    Section 1

    Section one was EAsyyyyy!!! I think 14+. YAY!