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    Best school in south west sydney

    Jripper, do you go to MFHS?
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    Yeah but everyone different, do you want the catholic one of the independent one or just different schools ones?
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    Its over!!!

    I did equality and difference as well. I used christianity, humanist and agnostic.
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    Its over!!!

    I thought it was pretty good! The belief system question a threw me at first because we mainly focussed on the one belief system rather than both religious and non religious b.systems. I reckon i managed but. Overall I was pretty happy with it.
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    How many people left?

    Only three of a class of 24 left before the exam was over, and at least half the class asked for extra booklets.
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    Lady lazarus

    Plath was ok, I didnt really mind studying her. I was really happy with the question and Lady Laz was fine coz it was one of her main poems our class felt, and we studied it fairly well.
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    I thought overall it was pretty good. Germany was probably my worst... bit too much waffle - 8 pages Speer i was pretty happy with - 7 pages 1st essay 5 pages 2nd essay and Indochina was the best question - 14 pages.
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    Albert speer

    It used a fair bit of info from the first question. I seemed to be just going round in circles for it. What they were actually asking confused me a bit.
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    Conversation - Names

    I used liverne and shirley or however you spell them, for my Plath conversation.
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    Conflict in Indochina

    Just chuck in stuff like the amount of bombs that were dropped on Cambodia and the 'supposed' neutrality that the US took advantage of, and the VC used Cambodia as communist sancturies and the peasants had to deal with the whole lot and it wasn't even 'their' war.
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    Can i ask you something guys!!

    Personally, my advice would be to find out what option your school does... if you feel like you will enjoy the topic, then go for it. I didn't really enjoy the topic our school was doing and struggled as a result of it. The actual course is different from the Modern course and you have to be...
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    Belief Systems/Popular Culture

    We are doing Japan for cont/change Christianity for belief systems and Aboriginals for social inequalities
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    hey everyone

    If you can get the book that Gitta Sereny (sp?) wrote on Speer that would be pretty useful, and have some pretty good historiography. If not this websites got some alright info: http://www.auschwitz.dk/Speer.htm
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    PIP Topics

    I did mine of how siblings effect socialisation, using China's one child policy as a cross cultural component.
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    social change

    Social change is like how women are treated differently now to what they used to be. You should have a case study to support social change, like we are doing Japan. If you want to give me your email, i can try to explain it further.