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    statement of philosopy

    hey there i have written this on the uts forum as well but i dont think there are even any education ppl on there so ill try here as well... im not sure if any other unis have to do a "statement of philosophy" but has anyone? anyone no any roles of the parent that would have a humanist...
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    statement of philosopy

    hey there, was just wondering if anyone has done or is in the process of doing their statement of philosophy for education. how fucked up is this subject?? any ideas of the role of the parent from a kinda humanist perspective?
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    private school ppls may bust out an do hell well in da hsc, cause their teachers do practically spoon feed them, they tell them how to blitz the exams...not how to like use their brains thier the ones who r in the shitter when they get to uni tho, cause they dont get spoon fed, and they cant...
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    27/28 of nov - 4/5 of dec...party week?!

    yeh im not paying the hundred bux for an organised party week...making ur own fun much betta! anyone staying at marie court?
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    What an easy exam.

    well i thought that was the fucken hardest shit eva fuck thats was like da worst iv eva dun in an art exam...the essay wasn't to bad, except like nun of the artsist i studied could really be applied to any of the questions, wat a crap choice, ended uo doing q 3. yah 1st section was shit
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    27/28 of nov - 4/5 of dec...party week?!

    anybody going up to gold coast then?
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    i have my lip peirced...it is such a distraction when riting exams...am constantly chewing on it.. at the mo i have a stud but i want to put a ring in it, i bought one an it has like a lil ball on it, dus anyone no if it it pissible to get a ring that has no ball?
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    can anyone tell me what frames these q's fit under? 1. “The great artist retains an ever-renewing sense of discovery and expresses that feeling to his or her audience.” Do you agree with this statement? Present your point of view using evidence, including artists and their works...
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    can't sleep....still!

    haha :P c-climb aboard captain ...hey not to change the topic dramatically but has anyone watched black books! if that is not the best fucken show eva!!! haha so funny sorry just got inspired with the whole c-climba aboard captain thing
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    can't sleep....still!

    i hate fantasy books!...thats another thing...usually if i cant sleep i read, then really get into the book and end up finishing it...but at the mo i just cant get into any book, i cant focus on anything, argh i hate nite time now :( i think that i have spent too many nites in a row sleeping...
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    can't sleep....still!

    anyone else finished their exams...or pretty much finished, like i only got art in a weeks time and thats not a very stressful exam, and they still can't get to sleep? i am even worse than when i was doing exams every few days, at leats then i got to sleep just after 12ish....now its at least...
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    think happy thoughts!

    hey jaz im just finding all sorts of ppl in these forums!...i hate that emaily...stop sending it to me anyone!!! yaya its gonna rain for my partae!
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    Post Exam Anxiety

    haha corinne is that u u looser!...happy birthday for nxt sat!
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    exam - essay

    hey i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what i could write a basic essay on. i have done one on like signs and symbols/spirituality, but ill be fucked if they dont ask me anything that relates. i was going to do one on like post modernism, but i dunno i cant really find much info on...
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    so... how'd you go?

    hmm i thought it was not too bad..except option: impact of technology on society..what a fucker, i only rote like 2.5 pgs for a 25 mark question, that was crap, i had no idea wat to rite :( 3 hrs is way too long...i was too tired at that time of the arvo
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    Question 28 C

    well i just found the medians fo the 2 yaya!..who really cares..its ova thank god, i hate the questions when u have to rite sum like fat analysis, like y it wasnt good, argh
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    Goodluck To All For Today!

    yeh do general...unless ur really smart, but if ur just like kinda averge smart, then do general and ul get into like the 90%s without too much trouble and it will only get scaled down a bit..still better than miserbaly failing 2 unit, and stressing ur head out, lots of ppl drop down to general...
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    This exam was a JOKE!

    haha yay that paper was so good! so much easier than past papers and trial...thing is, apparantly a lot of ppl still did like crap and culdnt answer heaps of q's...so i dunno i guess u did have to no stuff, it was just there wasnt any tricks, the wording was very straightforward.. whoopee!...
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    The 2004 HSC - Textiles & Design Paper

    at our school, we all thought the questions were kinda poo..like the way the were phrased :( i dunno..how was the parachute question!!! i actually thought th multiple choice was prety easy compared to past yrs, except there was sum dodge ones at the end i did 14. design..wasnt too bad..i...
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    Daylight Savings

    gosh u ppl actually thopught of stuff like that, u shouldnt be doing general!