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  1. J


    My advice to study physics....is to have a mathematically mind...don't just memorise notees.....well.....that may be a good way of getting easy marks.....but still understand the mathematicall relationship and correlation ..... Next advice is to note your syllabuse very carefully, not the...
  2. J

    anybody doing the biochemistry elective

    Communication is a pretty nice module to do...very easy prac and very easy info to memorise/......the only problemo is the text books available...not much out there.... when u have more than one classes, you can choose our own elective, you do what the teacher is most experienced at teaching...
  3. J

    Hardest electives for chemistry?

    The problem is text-books and resources.....books only have industrial, shipwreck and foresnic....then u have to turn to the Context CD for the other two.....very inconvient..... Biochemistry of the Move by far is the hardest....The amount of formula and structure you have to memorise is...
  4. J

    Why do Girls like Chem ?

    We got three classes, about 2/3 are guys.... 1/2 and 1/2 for chemistry I believe it is just the topic assoiated with physics.... Electronics, motors and generators....etc......not female friendly topics... Chem is also less mathematically which is why girls take it.....my hypothesis...
  5. J

    Bio Syllabus?

    I am saying is that there is too much memorising, too less understanding.....with the textbooks these days whats the point of this Biology course...when we can refer to a textbook to the relevent facts....
  6. J

    Which Elective do you do?

    I still go for Age of Silicon....little people do it because teacher hardly teach it... It is pretty good and a good lead up from idea to implmentation
  7. J

    Studying for 2003 hsc

    The best way as we all have said is to make model answers for every dot pot especially the discuss and assess question because highly likely its going to be a 7 marker....Get your teacher to have a look at it and ask him/her to give u a band 6 answer..... then go home and memorise it......and...
  8. J

    Hey does anyone know where i can find the test?

    I think its really unfair and we are creating a gap between university physics and high school physics.... some of the things we learn are absolutely useless/....things about re-entry and space launch.....how many people is going to go up into space/.....there is alot of good physics they can...
  9. J

    Best school in south west sydney

    Go for Macquarie Field High School In MAcquarie field academically and social and physically all round they are the best and they also have Mr Grahame Pollock who wrote tonns of physics books as their head teacher
  10. J

    anybody doing the biochemistry elective

    Anybody thinking or is doing the biochemistry elective.... Is it really that hard as people perceive it and how come there is absolutely no material on it... I relly don't like the human story...very boring Genetics code broken and comunication are properly the better ones...
  11. J

    Bio Syllabus?

    The syllabuse these days are so specific there really is little discrepency.I don't think they have taken as much stuff as they have from the other two sciences ie. physics and chemistry, I mean the biology cause these days is all about, memorise, memorise and in the test spitt out what you have...
  12. J

    Can anyone help me with forces

    How can you explain an astornaut feeling weightless when he is still in the Earth's gravitational field
  13. J

    plz help....Which option topic is the best to do?

    I prefer the Age of Silicon topic but little people do it. I think it is because most of the physics teacher sare middle to old age and when they are at school....they weren't taught all this stuff about electronics.... I believe astro is definately the easiest and the more common sense...