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    How many pages ?

    Report : 9 pages Q27: 8 pages My handwriting is very small
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    Texts in this elective offer perspectives on the significance of truth in human experiences. Were you persuaded to embrace these perspectives? Man I thought it was a good question but I spent way too much time on Modula A so I didn't finish this - I only got to talk about the Seige and my...
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    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    Re: How many pages did you write? Module A = 8 Module B = 7 Module C = 4 Total = 19 I didn't finish :'(
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    How did you find/hear about us?

    erm..word of mouth I think
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    Are Unions and Employer Associations internal or external stakeholders?

    Unions are a major external stakeholder and employer associations are external too
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    It's a day before your exam...

    I read over my notes one last time and also the separate notes I make to answer the points in the syllabus. I also look at past papers again to make sure I can answer all the questions they have in there but this isn't as important to me as the notes-reading
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    What sacrifices will you be making for the HSC?

    Re: Giving up anything for HSC? Am giving up TV too - everything but Lost! Can't bring myself to give that up
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    How do you Study?

    I do tons and tons of practice questions from various textbooks - it really helps to get it all in your head and keep it there
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    what text is your english class doing?

    I'm just about to finish off Macbeth
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    how many hours are YOU studying?

    I do about one and a half hours each night. It seems like I do less every week though; I started the year doing about 3 per night :rolleyes:
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    study tips

    I say study in short periods of time, with plenty of breaks. ;)