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    Timber and furniture industries

    Pretty simple test especially after doing business which is half the test. Still ran outa time. Yeah flatpacks are those things you get from IKEA use knockdown fittings. most people in my class thought it meant it folded down lol
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    Who else wishes there were less essays?

    should give more time could have writen an hour on each could do what business does give a choice of essays say 2 for each topic WTF how many qs on skills can you have its yr7 stuff :sleep:although probably get 100% come oooon skills
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    General Exam Thoughts

    ripd the mc and short ans ecosystm esay was :vcross: wtf do u rite 4 it. Urbn dynamix OK tourism could have written heaps more :D teacher gave us 180 page booklet she made herself on whole sylabus with detailed case studies Made it best exam