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    2002 HSC Marks

    they be ok: chem 97 english 89 3math 100 (100+99 tho) 4math 97 phys 96 software 93 ...so are uais gonna be screwd coz of the number of ppl doin well? coz thats what frenz hav been sayin..><....n trust me if turtle man told u his marks ud certainly be envious...=)
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    Industrial : K (EQ. constant)

    yupyup! theyr both correct...133.3 and 11.5 ish are both correct...coz it depends on whether u balanced it 2-1-2 or 1-1/2-1...one's the root of the other...:p
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    superconductors, generation, transmission and transport Q

    actualli the meissner effect does not depend on lenz's law..its one explanation that makes perfect sense..but isnt always tru..coz we did the meissner prac by coolin ybco then placin the magnet over it (like u sed iz the eddy currents)..but we also did the whole thing again and had the magnet on...
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    yup me 2..9.7ms^(-2)...phew!:D
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    QUANTA - QUARKS... wtf?!?!

    say what?...i thot u were spozed to work out the energy of the neutrino n explain the lost energy went into that..so were spozed to explain the graph?..coz i jus explained onli the beta decay reaction they gave us...eeeeeeh ><..there goes 3marks i guess...:rolleyes:
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    MC Answers

    eeep!.. why iznt 2 b?..like i was tossin up between a n b but doesnt time run faster on the SPACESHIP..?...coz from his perspective time is dilated for him?...coz i alwaiz thot it was the external observer that is dialated..but then again relativity works both ways ><..eh..som1 plz explain...
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    Warning to year 11s

    yeah i rekon they should mark our major projects too...i spent so much time on that bullshit and everyone ends up with full marks...sucha waste of time...i rekkon they should give ppl a choice..like..either submit ur major work incl all tha bs like dfds or sit a boring exam...that way itll be...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    mnyeh!..stop lying to urself...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    ey ash...speekin of tha bloodi tg room medal i agree man..iz a biatch and a half tryna get it..i walked outta tha 4u exam thinkin i got 118...and an hour later i ended up counting about 20 or so marks worth of silli ass mistakes..the test itself wasnt "hard" compared to otha years but the time...
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    Multiple choice answers

    bah!..i hate software..im lookin at 85+ hopefulli... for q2 cant iznt c more appropriate..coz pulldown menu could refer to the pull down menus like file..edit..view..n crap..so thats why i put c..but yeah i was tossin ova c n d too.. for q12..cant u repeat until? get name n hrs repeat...
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    Vote UR estimated exam mark!!! howditgo?

    eeesh! matsh >< dont u jus hate silli ass mistakes? :chainsaw: ..i rekkon if there was a way of testin someones ability without sillimistakes i would do tonnes betta ><...so how many ppl do u think will get 84 in this one?..it was quite hard compared to nethin ive done..but 2 ppl in mah school...