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  1. J

    Late round for competitive courses?

    Oh, OK. Thanks for clearing that up. I had no clue about bonded/unbonded med . . . So they're exactly the same course code? Wow, that's tricky. But I'd be inclined to think that they *wouldn't* offer a student the same course again - but there's no harm in trying.
  2. J

    Late round for competitive courses?

    OP: Second round usually gets more competitive for most courses, so the chances are pretty slim. But you have a very high ATAR, and people do pull out. Good luck. I don't really get what you're asking . . . I think the answer is a "No" to your specific question, BUT: Put your first...
  3. J

    Charles Sturt Bathurst - Students of 2010

    I'm a first year Journalism student at CSU Bathurst and, personally, I don't think it's hard to get into . . . I had no work experience in the field and did no essays. Mind you, I also don't have a UAI/ATAR - but I was still required to do the essay. I didn't. I sat a STAT test (to make up...
  4. J

    Journalism at CSU Bathurst

    He actually sounds really awesome. :) I like realistic people, lol. But wow, you only had 60 people in your cohort? I was thinking there'd be 70-100 people . . . 60 means your lecturers will actually know you, lol. I see. Well there's no rush, so I hope you'll come to a decision that you'll...
  5. J

    Journalism at CSU Bathurst

    Aww. But hey, you're helping out other future CSU Journalism students too, so no one will be in the same predicament as you were. Thanks! :) Yeah, I read about it being a "dying art" lol. To be honest I'm actually more interested in online journalism . . . and print journalism is closer to...
  6. J

    Journalism at CSU Bathurst

    Thank you so much! That definitely helped tonnes. :) I know that CSU is the superior uni for Journalism, but I've read some debates about CSU being the uni you go to for broadcast journalism, and UTS being the same for print journalism. Well, I'm striving to be a print journalist . . . could...
  7. J

    Journalism at CSU Bathurst

    Hi, I deleted my other thread because I just got access to my.csu today, and the majority of my questions have been answered there. I'd still like input from Journalism students at CSU Bathurst, though. I was intending to go to UTS, but the CSU offer just sort of came out of left field - I...
  8. J

    What are your final UAC preferences?

    1 600013 Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) - full time at University of Technology, Sydney, City campus 2 600033 Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Writing and Cultural Studies) - full time at University of Technology, Sydney, City campus 3 600018 Bachelor of Arts in...
  9. J

    University Quality

    UTS -> USYD -> UNSW. :) You should also consider CSU if you can.
  10. J

    I hate huge decisions like this. Need some help desperately

    That 20k scholarship looks awfully nice, so I can see how it would be a tough decision. But, personally, I would turn it down. I can always make 20k later . . . I don't mean to diss UWS, but I think you'd find that students at USyd/UNSW/UTS will be more competitive and motivated, which in...
  11. J

    October Round offers + STAT test Question.

    I personally think you're in, no problem, with that percentile rank . . . What was your STAT score? Your STAT doesn't convert to an ATAR because you're not competing for entry with the HSC students. Unis allocate a certain number of places for mature aged students (I'm assuming you're one)...
  12. J

    STAT Test - Did my MC today

    It was OK, but I needed more time. I actually preferred the example questions . . . I think I did better on those than the actual test. I guessed about ten questions that I didn't have the time to do, which is bad . . . though that happened on the example questions, too, except I just didn't...
  13. J

    warning c.f people

    I checked the Board of Studies site and the English Prescriptions for 2001-2003 has "Hawks, Howard, The Big Sleep, Warner, 1946" and the English Prescriptions for 2004-2007 has "Hawks, Howard, The Big Sleep - Director's Cut, Warner, 1945" . . . So I guess it IS the 1945 version we have to study...