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    UWS Roll Call 2014

    Science at campbelltown. Going to the course planning session tomorrow.
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    Fuck fuck fuck I'm getting an ATAR in the mid fifties its over. Ancient= 58 Biology=66 Business=69 English(Adv)=69 Gen. Maths=78 PDHPE=68
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    I got around 33% edit: if you mean how much more power it was?
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Ah pretty sure I got it wrong then, I swear I tried that but I couldn't get anything to work hah, oh well overall I went okay I thought.
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    How are you meant to do the interest on that loan thought, I was getting around 900k with compound interest formula (and I think FV annuity formula was around same) can that be right? I wrote that he wouldn't reach it anyway.
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Yeah I subtracted the levy, it said the levy was 1.5% or whatever from her taxable income. So idk I got confused not sure if i'm right.
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Talked about how having 2 kings meant that when one died or was out at war or even stripped of kingship there would be order and someone ruling still, also how it stops one man from having too much power dictatorship though im sure some of that happened lol.
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    I left bit under an hour early, I knew I wouldn't go well so guess I didn't have enough to write about. I knew all the political stuff for sparta and they threw in the economic activity question that smashed me. Overall I didn't go that well :blink2:
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    I have a feeling this is going to suck...

    Are you the girl in your pic? You are even hotter wow.
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    Free Ancient History notes ITT

    Thanks, I needed the sparta notes especially, good detail.
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    I have a feeling this is going to suck...

    Yeah I'm screwed. I got 69 in the trial and I was very surprised.
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    Multiple Choice

    Yeah the question about mens lower health status I put C even though "in early life" threw me off, I thought it was a semi myth about guys refusing to go to doctors and such.
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    Mostly good, the thermal regulation question in sports medicine option smashed me though.
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Mod A (Richard III/Looking For Richard) Did almost 2 booklets, happy with that, talking about authority didn't seem too hard. Mod B (Jane Eyre). Eh one full booklet not that great couldn't even remember my 3rd theme total mind blank. Mod C (Smithsonian) At first glance question confused me but...
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    Did everyone have old ladies as their supervisors that had no idea what to do??

    Yeah we were told they took it extremely serious and even looking at someone could get you a zero. Everyone was well behaved but they didn't say anything to anyone regarding that stuff.
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    Did everyone have old ladies as their supervisors that had no idea what to do??

    We had a mixture of old men and ladies. Like 6 of them for our hall full of 15 kids. The lady that signed off for me I think wrote I had too many 'extra booklets' on my blue sheet but everything else is fine.
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Pretty happy actually. Section 1 I found to be really easy though I probably spent a bit too much time on it especially the 2 mark questions. Section 2 I had a story prepared and used the first quote, I had to change it a bit and I don't know if I fit the question well enough but content. The...
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    Trial Results and Reactions

    I did my trials weeks ago, I did not study at all (big mistake). Biology=69/100 Ancient History=71/100 Happy with these considering no preparation lol General Maths=43% PDHPE=49% Business=40 something English=30 something I crashed in english and got 4/20 and 5/20 for each...
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    Do topic tests in Maths count towards an ATAR?

    If it's just a quiz type thing it won't impact assessment mark or ranks and therefore won't affect the ATAR, good job though.