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    ACTL1101 Questions Help (mostly first year uni probability)

    Hi I am doing ACTL1101 at UNSW this semester, so I'd like to ask a few first year probability questions here: \\\text{Suppose that P(X=0)=1 - P(X=1). If E(X) = 3Var(X), find P(X=0).}
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    MATH1251 Questions HELP

    Hey everyone First of all I'd like to thank everyone, especially IG for helping me with MATH1151 last sem. I am doing MATH1251 this semester, and I have an inaugural question lol: :jump: \\\text{Use }z \overline{z}=|z|^2\text{ to show...
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    Thoughts on the MATH1151 exam

    How did everybody go in that exam. I found it really hard...
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    Please Help, Finance questions

    Hey everyone Got a few finance questions from here and there for FINS1613...If anyone could help that would be awesome! 1) An investment makes annual payments. the first payment of $270 is due in one year at t =1. Payments grow at a rate of 16% annually until t=14. Payments then are stable...
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    Need help, URGENT maths question:

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to do the following question, I'm stumped...