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    How to do well in ECON110?

    Collaborate with friends, share notes and make sure you attend all lectures! Read the text book and make it into words that you can understand easily and try past papers!!! Good luck!!
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    Macq Uni Students in YouTube Clip? LOL

    Is this at MAQ? LOL YouTube - It's a genuine steal
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    HAHA - Australian Uni Students in YouTube Clip

    Had to update the clip ;)
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    HAHA - Australian Uni Students in YouTube Clip

    Haha, check this out: YouTube - It's a genuine steal
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    Two exchanges??

    I did 2 exchanges at MAQ. Best things I ever did. They make it really easy and are really flexible, it's also the best way to split up your degree. SO, I would reccomed maq for that reason.
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    I'm sorry, but this is FREAKING AWESOME.

    Depends on the kind of person you are :P I agree, genuine products are definately better and more reliable.. Anyway, it's still a sweet offer for students.. people itleast should know what is out there on offer for them :)
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    How do I study?

    time management :)
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    How do you pick out the First Year Students

    they actually show up to lectures
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    I'm sorry, but this is FREAKING AWESOME.

    Hey Guys, I just found out today from a friend that Microsoft have just started a new offer for students only for Office 2007 and Office 2010 which is coming out soon. Apparantly, if you buy Office 2007 Ultimate between 5th March and 30th September for $75 you get Office 2010 FOR FREE, as...