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    PLZ HELP! Engineering usyd.

    I did general math for the HSC and looking at the assumed knowledge of civil engineering MX1 is required. The bridging courses are separate for 2u and 3u, and are conducted simultaneously on the same days http://www.maths.usyd.edu.au/u/BC/ Any advice on what I should do? I dont think...
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    Usyd flexible first year and civil

    Hey guys just a couple of questions: For the flexible first year engineering at Usyd am I allowed to transfer into whatever engineering I like after the first year? Assuming my marks are adequate. In terms of the standard B Engineering Civil can I also transfer from that into structural...
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    Horologists? Anyone on here interested in Luxury Watches?

    Post a picture of a luxury watch you own :D Ill get it started with some of the watches I own Tudor Heritage Black Bay: Rolex Datejust II two tone white-dial Post some of your watches up guys! I'd love to learn a thing or two about them.
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    Engineering civil first year info needed!

    Hello guys! I got into uts civil through an early offer and I would like to make use of the rest of my holiday, can anyone tell me what they do in the first semester so i can start preppin' from now! Any maths concepts used in first semester/year mentioned will be appreciated! Thanks a...
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    Alignment, scaling and ATAR

    Hello guys! What are your thoughts on the alignment database? I do phys, chem and bio and the band 6 cut offs are unbelievable in my opinion, are they real? the physics b6 cut off is about mid 70s, chemistry is low 70s and biology is high 70s, low 80s! Can we expect similar cut offs this...
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    Chemistry, Physics and Biology 2013 exams.

    Hey guys, what do you hate in any of the science subjects at school (chem bio and phys) and what do you think would be assessed in this years paper :) Identify concepts which haven't been recently or abundantly assessed through the years, and share with everyone because chances are they will...
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    Band 6 cut off?

    Hello guys. What is the cut off in order to make a band 6 for the following subjects: chemistry biology physics general math standard english? Thanks in advance.
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    Civil Engineering (structures) --> Jobs??

    Hello guys! I was wondering what the demand of Civil Engineers is in Australia, Sydney? Would it be a good idea to do the course (pref. UTS) and would it be difficult to find a job? Thanks in advance to all replies!
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    Civil Engineering (structures) || Salary? || Job availability? || UTS vs USYD

    Hello there fellow HSC victims! I'm considering Civil Engineering (Structures) at either UTS or uSYD, which do you think have better opportunities and why? Also, what is the average salary of a civil engineer, I've looked at many sources and all are significantly different, some differ from...
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    English - Advice

    Hello fellow boredofstudies-ers... I'm concerned for my English HSC, paper 2 mainly. I'm averaging a rough 75%+ in the first paper however in the other paper I'm facing problems of finishing my three essays in two hours! Which techniques do you guys use in order to finish you paper 2 exams, do...
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    Civil Engineering (Structures) + bridging course

    Hello :) I was wondering if anyone has had any experience on bridging courses at UTS for engineering, I am currently doing General Mathematics and I want to get into engineering inshallah. One concern I have is do they lecturers fly through the content over there or it is manageable? Also...