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  1. jason2kool

    atar estimate please

    Need an estimate for two students please, schools roughly ranked around 300 and my cohort is shit 2010 dux = 98.5 2011 dux = ~99.5 2012 dux = going to be shit Student 1 Biology 2/~40 Legal 7/~22 Business 4/~40 SOR 1u...
  2. jason2kool

    just a tad confused

    What would happen if I was ranked 7th out of 50 for a subject and i got 93 in the externals and beat everyone ranked better then me? and my raw internal marks were like ~85... I don't understand the rank system and how it impacts your final hsc mark :S
  3. jason2kool

    Biology HSC marking

    Was wondering whether teachers when marking biology apply the CFPA (correct from previous answer) rule because in my recent trial exam a question came up which said to write out an investigation plan (aim,hyp,method...) on a question about the effects of the environment on the genotypes of a...
  4. jason2kool

    distinctive visuals - shoehorn sonata

    is it fine to use a poem as an ort? or am i better off using a picture book or artwork?
  5. jason2kool

    contemporary law issues

    Was wondering whether i should make notes on all 4/5 contemporary law issues for our chosen modules or if one was enough for each?
  6. jason2kool

    help pl0x

    http://oi49.tinypic.com/anjvao.jpg Question is from 2u hsc 2011, but the solutions that they gave confused me, can i get some help please? Thanks in advance :)
  7. jason2kool

    logs help please

    For what value of x is the tangent to the curve y = e^3x parallel to the line y = 6x.
  8. jason2kool

    logs question

    help please http://i47.tinypic.com/2mmcpbr.jpg :headbang:
  9. jason2kool

    Marketing innovations question

    Got some legal question on marketing innovations and was wondering whether I can write about old school marketing issues such as bait and switch, deceptive marketing, sugging.... not quite sure what the whole 'innovations' is about? All help is appreciated :)
  10. jason2kool

    2012 HSC timetable

    English (Advanced) Written Examination Paper 1: Area of Study 15/10/2012 13:50 English (Advanced) Written Examination Paper 2: Modules 17/10/2012 09:25 Mathematics Extension 2 Written Examination 22/10/2012 09:25 Mathematics Extension 1 Written Examination 24/10/2012 09:25 Physics Written...
  11. jason2kool

    need help (past paper question)

    http://static.movember.com/uploads/2011/posts/fbd/2e7/fbd2e716b7802a7d061323ac9f8ae342-4f716d5548d0e.jpg first question on the sheet.. sorry forgot to flip it when uploading. thanks in advance :)
  12. jason2kool


    1 + cosx = cos (x/2) solve the following,
  13. jason2kool

    Sex Linkage (pedigree tree)

    How the F do you identify whether pedigree trees are sex linked or not? (shocking teacher skips the dotpoint) Example. http://static.movember.com/uploads/2011/posts/095/17e/09517e5b49dd0cd2b16215612b1a4737-4f6452b4b87df.jpg
  14. jason2kool

    Tom Brennan

    Hey br8's Anyone know any quotes from THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN that show fear of embracing new ventures in life? cheers.
  15. jason2kool

    Evaluating/ assessing the effectiveness

    Hey lads, Does anyone have a complete list of the factors?(e.g. cost, DOJO,..) Cheers
  16. jason2kool

    pedigree trees

    hey guys, having real trouble and my teacher is a sped. is their like a set of rules or laws.. that determine whether it is recessive or dominant, sex linked, etc... Thanks, in advance
  17. jason2kool

    mathsonline trade

    trading resources (my notes, exams, assignments [prelim and hsc thus far]) for a mathsonline account !!! :)
  18. jason2kool


    hey guys, have any of your schools recently given you access to mathsonline? just wondering... whether it was only my school that were being tight .
  19. jason2kool

    Legal Studies; Crime

    Hey guys, i just completed my study notes for the topic crime and they are 19 pages... i've tried mindmaps, dot point summaries and all that shit but they just dont work for me. do you guys think they are too long, and should i cut them down? Thanks =]
  20. jason2kool

    BIO: substrate concentration

    hey guys, would anyone happen to have a good practical on substrate concentration, (first part of the syllabus) would be happy to give my notes and also the other practicals. cheers guys.