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    Is anyone doing Chemistry 1 Life Sciences (Advanced)? Just wondering if the only lectures available are in the 3-4 time period
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    Timetable Errors

    I've just checked my timetable and noticed that I have three biology lectures, but I do not have a biology tutorial - is anyone else in the same boat. [particularly those doing medical science] Also my chem/bio/phy practicals only go for two hours [2-4]. Shouldn't they go for three?
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    medical science degree

    I'm hoping to do medical science at sydney uni, and I was wondering if anyone has the answers to these questions: how flexible is the timetable - could you squeeze all your classes into say three-four days? for those doing the course, what do the practical aspects involve? what are the...
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    Multiple choice QUESTIONS

    Would somebody be able to upload the multiple questions sheet. At this stage I didn't know you were able to take them with you. Thanks
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    Q3C(ii) + Q5B(iii)

    Can someone please help me with these questions?!
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    Question 3C & 9A

    Could someone please tell me the answer that they got for these questions?