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    Student Number Help :(

    Lol hi, this is a really dumb question but my school hasn't really talked about it so I'll keep it succinct. What is the student number that I need to write on my tests/assignments in year 12? Is it my school ID card number (starts with 400 or something like that) or the NESA number (314...)...
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    Atar Estimate Please c:

    Hey guys, would appreciate an ATAR estimate for 2 hypothetical situations. Thanks so much in advance : ) Sit 1: School Rank: 20-30 Eng Adv: Rank 5/150 Eng Ex1: Rank 5/30 Eng Ex2: Rank 3/5 Math Adv: 40/150 Chem: 3/80 Bio: 3/80 Mod: 2/50 Sit 2: School Rank:1-5 Eng Adv: Rank 10/150...