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  1. J

    The Meissner Effect and Maglev Trains?

    "So I questioned how a perfect eddy current could be generated in an on-board superconducting electromagnet in order to totally oppose the external magnetic field." How can't it? Sorry, I'm confused by your reasoning as to why a perfect eddy current can't be formed.
  2. J

    AC Induction Motor Question

    So, in my half-yearly I was asked to explain how an AC induction motor operates with reference to the MOTOR EFFECT, and Faraday's Law. How does the Motor Effect come into play with AC Induction Motors? I don't believe that the motor effect is apart of AC Induction motors. Please Help. Thanks.
  3. J

    does you wam get reset if you transfer through UAC programs and faculties?

    https://my.unsw.edu.au/student/academiclife/assessment/WAM.html "If you have been given transfer credit for courses previously studied (either at UNSW or at another institution), then the grades for those courses will not appear on your transcript under your new program. Therefore they will not...
  4. J

    Post Your 2014 Sem 2 Timetable

    what evacuation?
  5. J

    Post Your 2014 Sem 2 Timetable

    that would just make it more congested :x
  6. J

    timetable is out for sem2 2014

    Damn wtf is up with comp sci students getting to enroll only on the 7th of may? Will this cause a lot of free elective/gen ed courses to be taken up?
  7. J

    math1131 algebra test

    on next week's algebra class test which topics will be tested on. i got an email saying they have changed the topics around. can anyone confirm which topics will be covered? ty