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    How do you do the last question?

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    General thoughts

    General thoughts on the Drama exam? The first question took me by surprise and I'm fairly sure it was answered differently to how they wanted but the second section wasn't so bad I thought. What do you guys think?
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    2000 HSC Question 7 a ii

    I did a past paper today, 100% except for this question. I loooked at the solutions and I still don't get it. Part i) is fine. Part ii) screws me up big time. Can someone help? "The amount of fuel F in litres required per hour to propel a plane in level flight at constant speed u km/h is given...
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    Polynomials question (or rather moving stuff about)

    x^3 + 3x + 2 = 0 has roots a, b and c. Find the equation with roots a + 1/a, b + 1/b and c + 1/c. I've substituted ((x +/- sqrt(x^2 - 4))/2 in place of x, but the solutions for the Cambridge book skips several steps and goes straight to +/-sqrt(x^2 - 4)(4x^2 + 8) = -4x^3 - 16. I just can't...
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    Synonym for sense of belonging?

    I can't find one.
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    Synonym for sense of belonging?

    I need one and can't come up with one.
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    Direction in life

    Should I have an idea as to what I want to do after my HSC at my current stage? It's only a year away which is a bit confronting because I don't know where to go afterwards. When did you guys work out (if you have) what you want to do as an occupation, and what led you to that decision?
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    Legislation regarding consent

    I tried google, I must have been typing in the wrong terms. Can anyone point me to some legislation outlining the legal definition of "consent"?
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    Super Smash Flash 2 - PC Flash game

    Upon my journeys across the web I came across this: McLeodGaming :: Home . It hosts this flash game based on super smash brothers Brawl. I like it, it certainly beats its predecessor. No download required, but it's available: it's got a web based section under the "Games" tab. Anyone else...
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    So who thinks there's problems with this syllabus?

    A lot of stuff seems a bit on the "social science" side, as opposed to the "pure science" side. I mean come on, straight from the syllabus: "outline and examine some uses of different metals through history, including contemporary uses, as uncombined metals or as alloys" How would that help...