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  1. Caboufram

    English Paper 1 - AOS SMH

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/hsc-english-exam-too-hard-says-top-teacher-20121016-27ob6.html What's everyone else think?
  2. Caboufram

    Eng/ business

    When combining Civil Engineering with Business at UTS, does one lose the "Civil Eng specialisation" namely, "Civil (Construction), Civil (Structural)"? and if so, does that shit really even matter? is it not just a few extra subjects within the course?
  3. Caboufram

    Final hsc ranks atar estimate

    SCHOOL RANK 103 2010 dux = 98.5 2011 dux = ~99.5 English Advanced - Rank 1/27 English Extension - Rank 1/4 Studies of Religion - Rank 1/48 Mathematics - 6/32 ranks 4,5,6 on the same mark - top 6 close together in terms of accumulated marks Mathematics Extension - 3/5 - Top 3 separated by 2-3...
  4. Caboufram

    "The Human Story"

    Does anyone know where I can find a good set of notes written "dotpoint by dotpoint" for "The Human Story" option in biology?
  5. Caboufram


    Which course is best to combine with commerce? Considering, commerce/ engineering, commerce/ law or combined commerce at unsw (commerce/e eco, commerce/ science, commerce/ information systems). It's most definitely an issue of interest, as I'm considerably interested in all such combinations...
  6. Caboufram

    Engineering/ commerce UNSW. Worth the extra year and a half?

    + Does anyone know if it's possible to complete such course in 5 years as oppose to the said 5.5 years?
  7. Caboufram

    CSSA Extension Maths

    Anyone else excited for the exam? just hoping no binomial fckn q6s.. New Format: q1 = ten multiple choice (one mark each), q2,3,4,5,6 worth 12 marks each
  8. Caboufram


    Worth preparing a 2nd ORT or no point? what's everyone's thoughts
  9. Caboufram

    Commerce -

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, is there a likeliness to entering into Bachelor of commerce with HSC plus bonus points? So for example, achieve an atar of 91-94 and get into the course when the cut off is 96. Thanks in advance
  10. Caboufram


    Extension Maths (rank 3) Maths (rank 2) BIO (rank 1) English Adv (rank 1) English Ext (rank 2) SOR 1 ( rank 1) Business Studies ( rank 1) what do you all think?
  11. Caboufram


    The ups and downs of studying physio? UWS b health science/master in physiotherapy vs USYD b physiotherapy
  12. Caboufram

    Year 12 Half Yearly examinations

    So how did everybody find their exams?
  13. Caboufram

    Extension Maths Exams

    Who has past papers? Especially those ZIPS that were up last year. Prepared to share resources.
  14. Caboufram

    Physiotherapy: USYD vs UWS

    Keeping in mind that I have a $20 000 scholarship at UWS...
  15. Caboufram

    Maths Raw Marks

    Raw marks for band 6 in ext one mathematics?
  16. Caboufram

    Crime Writing related texts

    What's everyone using for there Crime writing ort's?