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  1. Cleavage

    Finance Cadetships

    Are there any finance cadetships at medium and large firms available for first year students? (finance being an incredibly encompassing field)
  2. Cleavage

    Easy as limits question so you should help all the first year unsw actl kids

    Using the delta-epsilon definition of a limit, prove the value of the limit y = (x+3)/(x^2-3) as x approaches infinity. (find the limit + prove it). One line of working in the definition has stumped me, I'm sure the person answering this question will be able to work it out.
  3. Cleavage

    Moving Out

    I'm moving out into UNSW Village campus soon. Any tips/things I should be aware of? Any more general tips for moving out? Experiences? Thanks guys.
  4. Cleavage

    Pay Issues

    Having started employment at a NSW hospitality business, I believe I've been underpaid. I'm yet to be paid extra for work on Sundays, and public holidays 26/12/14 and 1/1/15. Does anybody know the specific award I should refer to, when arguing this with my employers? Is anybody aware of any...
  5. Cleavage

    2015 Admission ATAR Cut-offs

    I was under the impression that the updated cut offs would have been released today last year they were released on the 16th of Jan Can anybody clarify when they will be released?
  6. Cleavage

    House of Cards Season 3 Thread

    oh my god. thoughts/predictions for season 3
  7. Cleavage

    Dull Actuarial Studies

    Talking to some former Actuarial Studies students (all UNSW), they've told me that they found the mathematics component of Actuarial very narrow and dull. As such, they've dropped from Actuarial/Econ to Science (adv maths)/Econ, and have since found their new degree a lot more enjoyable. Has...
  8. Cleavage

    MX2 Solutions

    For anyone who spots a set of solutions floating around, could they perhaps link it to this thread for the good of the BoS community? I assume Carrot cannot whip up a set of solutions in an hour
  9. Cleavage

    2nd Related Question

    If worse comes to worse, and the satanic BoS ask us for a second related, Can i use Frankenstein? (my prescribed Mod A text with Blade Runner) I don't feel its a good use of my time to cram a second related text, for the small possibility that it is required. Thanks guys :)
  10. Cleavage

    HSC Motivation

    Hi fellow 2014er's, While scrolling through threads desperately looking for anything which will remotely assist me for English, I found this gem; It made me feel better. GL BoS class of 2k14
  11. Cleavage

    Economics Syllabus

    When did the HSC Economics syllabus last change? How much did the syllabus change? (i.e. is it good preparation to do these papers for HSC, despite different syllabus.) Thanks :)
  12. Cleavage

    Unfamiliar Notation/Symbol

    For the following question (taken from NSBHS 2014 Trial MX2); What is the square bracket-like symbol, and is it part of the syllabus or something taught unique to the cohort out of interest? Thanks for help! :)
  13. Cleavage

    ATAR Estimate Plox

    Eng Adv: 18/46 (1) (93) MX1: 5/21 (8) (98) MX2: 1/8 (4) (95) Econ: 2/19 (1) (91) Chem: 10/36 (3) (94) Legal: 10/46 (6) (96) The number inside the brackets is the amount of B6's in 2013 Cohort The sizes of each subject cohort are almost identical. The second bracket is the highest mark for each...
  14. Cleavage

    Module C History and Memory

    My trials are week 1/2 of next term, and I'm shitting it, particularly for Module C H & M. If anybody could be so kind, as to guide me in the way of writing an essay for this boring module, it would be very much appreciated. What should I write about?. Better yet, does anybody have an...
  15. Cleavage

    Obtaining Part II exemptions doing single Actuarial Studies

    Can you obtain part II exemptions doing single actuarial studies? I heard it requires a certain WAM. Is this true? I know difficulty is subjective, blah blah blah, but is it difficult to obtain this WAM?
  16. Cleavage

    UBS Economics Day

    Who's going to UBS Economics day on Thursday? Get keen
  17. Cleavage

    Dropping Maths

    The head-teacher of maff at my school is completely incompetent. How can I overthrow her, and convince her to let me drop the Mathematics component of 4U maths? I'm ranked first in MX2 (clearly I'm not going to drop it), and my Maths/MX1 teacher is in favour of me dropping the maths...
  18. Cleavage

    Is 1.5 mol/L HCl corrosive?