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  1. boredsatan

    Does my overall subject result take into account passing the exam hurdle as well?

    For one of my subjects which had an exam hurdle of 50% i got 68% overall but don't know what i got in the exam, and don't know my assignment grades either. If I got over 50% overall but failed the exam hurdle would my grade show up differently?
  2. boredsatan

    new maths questions thread

    thought i'd start a new maths questions thread 2sin(2x-pi/6) = 1 for a domain of -pi<x<pi we multiply the domain values of 2, so it becomes -2pi<2x<2pi but then do we subtract the domain values by -pi/6 or since 2sin(2x-pi/6) = 2sin(2(x-pi/12)), do we subtract the domain values by -pi/12...
  3. boredsatan

    Summary of i'm not scared (film) and the shark net (novel)

    Could anyone provide a detailed summary of the shark net (novel) and i'm not scared (film) or know where i can get the summaries for each of them?
  4. boredsatan

    economics questions (VCE)

    What's the best way to prepare for an economics test?
  5. boredsatan

    Comparitive essay, the shark net (novel), and i'm not scared (film)?

    Character growth is a prominent feature of the bildungsroman genre. How do I'm not scared (film) and the shark net (novel) explore this concept? What are 3 possible body paragraph arguments/topics I could use
  6. boredsatan

    VCE Accounting Question Thread

    First question What is the difference between current and non current
  7. boredsatan

    lowest atar to be accepted in a university in australia

    What's the lowest atar to be accepted in a university in australia?
  8. boredsatan

    Main difference between cash receipts and cash payments

    What's the main difference between cash receipts and cash payments. How do you classify items in the right one Thanks!
  9. boredsatan

    Why is english compulsory if if has no relevance to the real world (read more below)

    Why does english have to be compulsory when we won't ever have to write essays or read books or do language analysis after year 12. It's such a waste of a subject and such a useless subject and I'm finding it extremely hard, even with tutoring.
  10. boredsatan

    Marks in school making me depressed

    My marks in school are so terrible, I just feel so depressed. Even after studying for tests I get horrible marks. I don't know how my life ended up this way. Would there be any ways to improve marks. And by bad marks i mean <50%. I'm in year 11 this year
  11. boredsatan

    How to improve in english

    How do you improve in english, if you're really weak at the subject
  12. boredsatan

    maths help please!!!

    The graph of y = x^4 - 2x - 12 has 2 x-intercepts a. construct a table of values for this polynomial rule for x = -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 b. Hence state an exact solution to the equation x^4 - 2x - 12 = 0 c. State an interval within which the other root of the equation lies and use the methods of...
  13. boredsatan

    what to do if you do terrible in year 12

    What can I do if I do terrible in year 12? Is my life going to be horrible if I perform poorly in school. Is there any way to get into good courses ? Would love some insight
  14. boredsatan

    atar questions

    1.How difficult is to get 70 atar for an average student 2.How difficult is to get 90 atar for an average student
  15. boredsatan

    40 raw in methods vce

    How hard will it be to get 40 raw in methods for the average student. What sac scores and exam scores (/40 and /80) will I need to secure a 40 raw. Thanks!
  16. boredsatan

    VCE Maths questions help

    1. How to find the turning point and type of turning point in the equation y = (2/3)x^4 + 1/3 2. how to find equation of axis of symmetry of y = (2/3)x^4 + 1/3
  17. boredsatan

    Is commerce a useful career

    Is commerce a useful career for the future, in general?
  18. boredsatan

    vce which tutor would you prefer

    which tutor would you prefer for vce raw 50 methods, raw 41 spesh raw 44 methods, raw 47 spesh And justify your choice