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  1. Caboufram

    2013 UTS Rollcall

    Bachelor of Civil Engineering/ Bachelor of business (finance) 1st yr
  2. Caboufram

    If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

    Jokes, I'd order box.
  3. Caboufram

    If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

    2 whoppers can't go wrong.
  4. Caboufram

    What does everyone think there raw mark is

    MC 16 Short Answer Response 37-38 Extended Response 35-38 88-92
  5. Caboufram

    Whats the maximum mark you can "without" a case study.

    I'm just going to say this, without any attempt of including a said "case study" within your response, and without minimal referral to such "cases" I personally don't think it's necessarily logical that you can achieve within the same bands as those Effective responses which due address case...
  6. Caboufram

    Would this justify?

    I personally don't think you'll get the mark for stating recruitment. Saying this from similar experience in the trials. If it were a 2-4 marker, quite possibly. But for one mark, id say you would have had to be spot on the syll dot point.
  7. Caboufram

    Whats the maximum mark you can "without" a case study.

    ~ 13 mate, if you're spot on with the syll dot points
  8. Caboufram

    PAST PAPER HELP FOR 22a (i dont know how to answer it !!!)

    22a) i) Take the path, Task A -> Task C -> Task E -> Task F -> Task G, which would be 90 minutes. This path is taken as, in the time "25 minutes" it takes for Task C and Task E to be completed, simultaneously Task B and D can too be accomplished. If one was to utilise Task B and D as a basis...
  9. Caboufram

    What is the Raw Mark for Band 6

    85+ I reckon
  10. Caboufram

    Is This Year's HSC Easy?

    Let's just say I wouldn't write an article based on information collated on here as representation of the entire student body of a state. But that's just me and my issue with utter inaccuracy.
  11. Caboufram

    Mark Estimate

    +1000 I agree. Much more difficult in the recent years.
  12. Caboufram

    Mark Estimate

    2010HSC: 77% 2009HSC: 80% 2007HSC: 88% 2012JRAHS: 80% 2012SYDBOYS: 75% The most recent papers I've completed, (Last two weeks or so). Any thoughts?
  13. Caboufram

    What band can a raw mark of 80/100 in Mathematics get?

    87-91 --> I think it depends on how many people cocked up q16, as I'm sure many students wouldn't have been able to gain a single mark.
  14. Caboufram

    Band 6 Cut Off

  15. Caboufram

    B5/B6 Cut off

    Lol if 60 is shit, my school is like 160............
  16. Caboufram

    Tips from 2012 HSC students to 2013 students

    Don't rely on teachers, get ahead ladies and gentlemen.
  17. Caboufram

    Inverse Tan (1/x) + Inverse tan (x) = Pi/2 ?

    I kind of just used that method on the spot, not sure if it's the correct proof. But I think it's important you realise they're the same triangle.
  18. Caboufram

    Inverse Tan (1/x) + Inverse tan (x) = Pi/2 ?

    it's because assume tan(a) = 1/x and tan(b) = x effectively they'd be in the same right angled triangle, with sides, "1", "x" and hypotenuse "(x^2+1)^1/2. Thus, a+b+90 = 180 giving a+b=90 which means arctan(1/x) + arctan(x) = 90 which is in effect, pi/2
  19. Caboufram

    Inverse Tan (1/x) + Inverse tan (x) = Pi/2 ?

    Yes, yes that is correct.