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  1. louielouiee

    Results are out?

    Send a text to 0427 555 999 with your BOS number, a space, and then your HSC pin. For example, 2234348 123456 The number is on this site http://studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au/ so it's legit. Then you get a response straight away with your results. I just got mine, go check! EDIT: Board of...
  2. louielouiee

    850 Words in 34mins

    Okay so I've been doing several Section III practice responses and consistently getting 34-35mins under timed conditions getting 850 words, without my notes. This just includes my prescribed and one related text and my teacher says my analysis is good. What I'm wondering is, should I add...
  3. louielouiee

    Mark my Biology Please!

    So, I've been doing lots of biology lately and I need some help marking my longer responses so I can see where I am, and how I can improve. These are mainly the 5-8 markers!I would appreciate if anybody could mark them (harshly) for me and tell me what I could do better!Thanks! 2006 HSC...
  4. louielouiee

    Annoying Multiple Choice!

    From the 2010 HSC Biology exam, Question 17. What feature of prions distinguishes them from all other types of pathogens? a) Prions are not cells. b) Prions do not contain DNA c) Prions do not contain nucleic acids d) Prions cannot reproduce outside a host cell. I chose B. The 2010 HSC...
  5. louielouiee

    Predictions for Genetics?

    There is a similar post regarding communication, however I thought I should make one concerning the genetics option seeing as it is just as popular. Moving on, what do you think will be asked in this option? I'm most concerned about the big 6/7 markers at the end. 2006: Gene expression (5...
  6. louielouiee


    Okay so, I always seem to mess up these questions, although they're not that hard. Solve 2sinx = - root 3 for 0 < or equal to x <or equal to 2pi. I got the answers x= 4pi/3 and 5pi/3 I'm just wondering how you know when you've got all the possible answers using the quadrants and stuff? In...
  7. louielouiee

    Atar estimate!

    Okay so I just got my ranks for my TRIALS, not end of year, but they should be pretty much the same I guess. School rank is 70ish English Avd: 5/87 SOR II 4/31 Ancient history 2/40 Chemistry 12/23 Biology 9/39 Maths 36/73 (which is not going to count I presume, as I do 12 units) Thank you :)
  8. louielouiee

    History & Memory Techniques?

    http://stolengenerationstestimonies.com/ This is a mandatory related text which I have to study. Can you help me find techniques on this website and relate them to history & memory? Obviously there is the collage (contrasting Australian history with personal memories), but some more in depth...
  9. louielouiee

    Acer & UMAT?

    Well, Can anybody tell me if the practice exams that ACER provide you with when you register are anything like the questions you will be given on the day? Just in terms of difficulty, especially in Section III. They seem relatively easy when compared to the practice exams that other companies...
  10. louielouiee

    UMAT past papers!

    So, how's everyone going with them? Also, I just finished doing a paper in the old format, could somebody give me a very rough indication of what percentile I would get with this this mark? 80/110
  11. louielouiee

    Determining Anions & Cations!

    I need to make a flowchart for an assesment coming up, can anybody help? We're given an unknown solution and have to run through a series of tests. Also, could you be very specific as to what solutions to add/acidify with? For example, instead of saying "add Cl- and it will precipitate" could...
  12. louielouiee

    Maths Trial Questions!!!

    Consider the function A= x/lnx a) For what values of x is the function differentiable? 2 marks b) Find the gradient of the tangent to the curve when x= θ^2 3 marks c)Find where the gradient of a tangent to the curve is -1...