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    Past PICT102 students

    Anyone who did PICT102 have good references for police training and culture or where to find them? Have the paper summary/review due tonight and I'm just starting :$
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    Not liking Ling110

    Sweet thankyou!
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    Not liking Ling110

    So after a few lectures I'm really not enjoying the unit as I thought I would...If I want to drop, should I just drop it now or wait to talk to an academic adviser and whatnot so I can add another ones in its place and not affect the course etc
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    Need a forth unit..dont know what to choose

    Mhmm it does too! Thanks (:
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    Need a forth unit..dont know what to choose

    For this semester I've chosen SOC180, ANTH150 and AHIS140 (doing B Arts). Didnt do that well in first semester due to the heavy content and found it a bit boring near the end:$ Any fun subjects that have a decent workload to recommend? Haha it's complicated since every one has different opinions...
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    OMG Failed ACST by 7 and MATH135 by 10 overall

    Ok..thanks for the quick reply! Guess I can deal with that since its my fault for slacking off in first semester lol..Lesson learnt :$
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    OMG Failed ACST by 7 and MATH135 by 10 overall

    Besides a low GPA or WAM..does anything else happen if you fail? Sorry probably the wrong place to ask
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    First exam tomorrow

    First exam is Stat170...who's ready?! Definitely not meeee :C
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    First semester and already over uni

    Just found it hard to keep up to date( doing B Arts and 3 units and want to add commerce degree wheneverI can... sad that its already like that for me lol), procrastinating didnt help- what I'm doing now when I have a research essay dued yesterday still not done and exams to study for next week...
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    Late submission for turnitin

    I have a sociology assessment that has a deadline by 11:54 tonight...Can you still submit to turnitin past the deadline?
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    STAT170, ECON111 and BBA102 Past Papers

    Theres a paper for Stat170 in iLearn in Other resources
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    Past ANTH106 students study notes?

    Any past students have summarised study notes they would like to share?? Exam is in 2 weeks and my notes are all over the place :$ Thanks much appreciated!
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    Uni workload abit overwhelming

    Im actually doing 3 units atm but some subjects they have heaps of readings to do..which takes me forever to get into and i just tend to leave things to the last minute haha Thanks for the replies!
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    Uni workload abit overwhelming

    Doesn't help that I'm behind in readings and and trying to do assessments on time :L
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    Can I change peoples' planet without seeking academic advisiors...

    I'm only doing 3 units atm...and todays the last day to add in a unit.
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    Modern History: Intro to world history

    Mhmm I'm probably gonna just sell mine on the page...IM sure theres someone out there that needs it hehe :P Does anyone know who I go talk to if I need some help to see if what I'm doing is ok for my degree?
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    ANTH106 Drugs Across Cultures

    Hehe thanks (: After one lecture, I quite like it. Whoo that sounds fun :P
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    Modern History: Intro to world history

    I chose this unit for my peoples' unit...It's too science-y for my liking. Dont get anything the lecturer talks about...Is possible to change it?
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    Cost of readers

    I'm doing Soc175 too...the cost is $20.55