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    Past PICT102 students

    Anyone who did PICT102 have good references for police training and culture or where to find them? Have the paper summary/review due tonight and I'm just starting :$
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    Not liking Ling110

    So after a few lectures I'm really not enjoying the unit as I thought I would...If I want to drop, should I just drop it now or wait to talk to an academic adviser and whatnot so I can add another ones in its place and not affect the course etc
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    Need a forth unit..dont know what to choose

    For this semester I've chosen SOC180, ANTH150 and AHIS140 (doing B Arts). Didnt do that well in first semester due to the heavy content and found it a bit boring near the end:$ Any fun subjects that have a decent workload to recommend? Haha it's complicated since every one has different opinions...
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    First exam tomorrow

    First exam is Stat170...who's ready?! Definitely not meeee :C
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    First semester and already over uni

    Just found it hard to keep up to date( doing B Arts and 3 units and want to add commerce degree wheneverI can... sad that its already like that for me lol), procrastinating didnt help- what I'm doing now when I have a research essay dued yesterday still not done and exams to study for next week...
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    Late submission for turnitin

    I have a sociology assessment that has a deadline by 11:54 tonight...Can you still submit to turnitin past the deadline?
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    Past ANTH106 students study notes?

    Any past students have summarised study notes they would like to share?? Exam is in 2 weeks and my notes are all over the place :$ Thanks much appreciated!
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    Uni workload abit overwhelming

    Doesn't help that I'm behind in readings and and trying to do assessments on time :L
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    Can I change peoples' planet without seeking academic advisiors...

    I'm only doing 3 units atm...and todays the last day to add in a unit.
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    Modern History: Intro to world history

    I chose this unit for my peoples' unit...It's too science-y for my liking. Dont get anything the lecturer talks about...Is possible to change it?
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    Started uni....Brain still asleep

    So uni started...anyone else cant absorb what they're reading and/or doing at uni :L Any tips to get back into routine? thanks
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    Noob question...how do we do semester 2 timetable?

    I've been told that the drop out box we can select session 2 but mine doesnt show anything :S
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    ANTH106 Drugs Across Cultures

    Has anyone done this unit? Is it good? :)
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    Just wondering..

    I've accepted an offer from Mac for B Arts which I'm looking at majoring Sociology...I also want to do a double degree and add in commerce when I can. Would it be better in terms of future jobs to do majors that relate e.g. Commerce- major in HR or would it be better to have different areas...
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    Transferring from UTS Broadway to Macquarie

    Hey, Im just about to go to my first year at Macquarie so Im not sure how this work but my cousin would like to transfer unis for Business..just wondering what she needs to do? I been looking on the UTS site and I dont see anything (probs not looking hard enough :$) Thanks in advance!(:
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    Anyone doing uniWISE?

    Is this a new thing? And if you're going, what day are you going? (:
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    Sociology - B Arts

    Just curious whats the course like? (:
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    Anyone doing Liberal arts/ science? (:

    What you plan in majoring?
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    Help please ..dilemma

    I got an offer for USYD B Liberal Arts/science which has an enrolment day on 24th Jan. I really want to wait until the Late round to see if I will get an offer for my first preference..but I dont know since its B Arts/Commerce at Macquarie which I'm like 10 points below cutoff. If I enrol at...
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    Would a tablet be useful in Uni?

    I'm looking at a Samsung Note 10.1 for most lessons for notes as my Macbook Pro is too heavy to carry around...Would it really be necessary? Or should I just stick to pen and paper