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  1. Casmira

    demographics of masters program?

    I just got my offer into masters of commerce at uow, gonna transfer into applied finance but anyway. what kinda people do this degree? should i be expecting a sea of international students? etc
  2. Casmira

    med sci at uow

    anyone done it/dong it? any feedback?
  3. Casmira

    poor undergrad marks..

    i'm going to graduate end of the year with a b of commerce @ unsw and i dont meet the minimum 5.5 GPA requirement (actually closer to 4.5 lol); i am pretty hell bent on getting into med in either unsw or usyd, speaking to usyd they told me the only post grad coursework that would be looked...
  4. Casmira

    post graduate entry into medical science

    anyone know how this is achieved? they just look at your undergrad wam?
  5. Casmira

    Masters of Applied Finance (Code: APFN01P)

    Hey guys. Im interested in doing my post grad at macq (not too happy with the finance program at unsw) and i found the course APFN01P doesn't require any relevant work experience i think ? what im trying to clear up is i actually found 2 sets of masters, one requires t least 2-6 years work...
  6. Casmira

    Summer session?

    Hey do you guys know if you enrol in subjects for summer session, if full fee is payed?
  7. Casmira


    Who's ready? whos studying like a big nerd for me its QMA 15/6/07 FINS1613 18/6/07 ACCT1511 20/6/07 FINS1612 22/6/07 So happy my final exams gonna be easy :rofl: (by final, i mean my LAST exam fins1612)
  8. Casmira


    Who's ready? Mine are on between 13th and 16th and I got Acct 1a, macroecon and qma on
  9. Casmira


    How'd everyone go? I found the exam good, multiple choice are slightly difficult I could mostly nail it down to 2 and only certain of the answeri n half of them. Extended response where easy I did Q2/Q4
  10. Casmira

    printable tutorial answers

    hey guys i noticed theres tutorial answers available for download but it doesnt let me print them im working through all tutorial questions but i cant look up answers because i dont study anywhere near my computer. any way for me to print them out? i notice they're security restricted edit...
  11. Casmira

    Anyone lost at ACCT1501?

    I'm not that bad in first 2 weeks of accounting, but then after tonights lecture of accounting (ie. this week) i totally got lost no really, totally lost... i can sort of pick up in some bits but primarily i feel fucked and i have a feeling it'll get worse i talked too zahid, looks like im...
  12. Casmira

    Printing too overhead projector sheets?

    I gotta print out my econ1101 discussion question on some overhead paper, what do I do to get it onto that clear paper? print it out at the uni? or photocopy a printed copy onto a photocopy that then replicates again onto overhead paper (you know clear plastic)
  13. Casmira


    Fins1612 Does Fins1602 require 2u maths? im doing a bridging course for 2u maths so i can't do QMA
  14. Casmira

    For anyone looking for work in the rockdale area ...

    Bunnings rockdale is in need of cashiers mainly but also other area's (especially my area, Tools & Electrical department) need many people. Experience is not needed but I suppose may help in the selection process, the cashier experience isn't needed or expected. They're usually more than happy...
  15. Casmira

    Can't access Part II on my.unsw ...

    Unfortunately, myUNSW is experiencing problems accessing the necessary records. Please Log Out and try again later. If this problem persists, please contact our support team or use the feedback form on myUNSW. ============================== I get that error when trying to check my...
  16. Casmira

    Post your timetable!

    Well i had to change my timetable and delay qma to learn 2u maths, it totally sucks now:
  17. Casmira

    General maths -> 2u maths?

    I read on the website something about a mathematics skills program (MSP) UNSW offers to help students like me get upto speed with 2u maths. However, its ran same time as my degree is, so how will I learn 2u maths at same time while doing 2u maths-based uni subject? Anyone got more info on this?
  18. Casmira

    Coles myer group interviews ...

    Who went too them ? I had mine today at wesley recruitment centre in the city (4-5); I think I said totally wrong things but at least participated :D
  19. Casmira

    Bonkers 15 - Legends of hardcore

    Anyone got the new album? I find it better than 12, and is a good one compared to 14 (which was really crapola)
  20. Casmira

    want to get a new phone ...

    Not sure if this was the right section, perhaps the most appropriate? anyways, i'd like to get a new phone. It seems me my motorola e365 is giving me the shits, the laggy menu and lack of picture sending support over vodafone, and only 2mb memory really just doesn't cut it for me. I'd like to...