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    help please... anyone?

    Question: Which is more likely when i enrol on monday... they'll let me over-enrol first semester (16 credit points not 14)? OR they'll let me not have to do a crappy useless corerequisite in second semester? I'm guessing the latter, so who do i go see about skipping a core requisite? Do i...
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    Law at clubmac

    Hey do we get any law events? Other uni's seem to have camps and dinners and all sorts of shindigs, i haven't heard anything about macquarie.
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    Course info...

    Where can i get more info on the units? I mean the paragraphs in the handbook are pretty vague at times, is that what i have to base my whole choice on? Anywhere on the website perhaps which would have more details?
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    work work work

    Hey how many hours can i except to devote to a job while at uni? I kinda have to support myself and that means i need a bit less than $200 a week to cover accommodation, living etc. Is that, uh, what's the word - impossible? Is it hard to find employment or get shifts to work around your...
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    Arts/Law units...???

    How many arts subjects do you get to do in an Arts/Law degree? How many majors/minors could you do? I'm confused, can someone doing the course or who knows something about it enlighten me...
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    Cross-institutional study something-or-other...

    Does anyone do this? Is it hard to have approved? I want to do some media/writing units at UTS, but i'll be actually enroled and studying at either macquarie or sydney. Just wondering if anyone knows more about it/does it themselves and is it worth it? :confused:
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    Pick one!

    Do i... a) do arts/law at macquarie where i meet the UAI OR b) Do arts at sydney uni then try and transfer into arts/law, taking a HUGE risk but a worthwhile one if it works out. :confused:
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    A few random questions...

    How vital is uni reputation? I got 98, would I be better off to go to somewhere like ClubMac or wollongong to do arts/law where i meet the cut-off, or is it worth going to somewhere like USYD or UNSW and trasnfering into law after one year? I know i need a distinction average or a bit less...
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    Law/Writing & contemporary cultures...

    Anyone heard of this course? Anyone do it/know what it's like? "Writing and contemporary cultures" is a funky title but i have no idea what it's about.
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    Living in the gutter

    Has anyone else not found anywhere to live while at uni next year? I live a billion miles from ANY university, i have't been accepted to any accommodation places yet cos i applied pretty late, and i don't know if i can afford to find an apartment and start from scratch. Anyone??? :confused:
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    UAI calculator

    Along with everyone else here, i can't wait til tomorrow for my UAI and i was hoping for any ideas to what ill get. My marks this morning were: Ancient 97 Adv. English 89 Ext. 1 English 44/50 Legal studies 91 Maths General 93 Studies of Religion 1 47/50 Visual Arts 93 Any help...
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    Alignment VS scaling

    Ok, when you have a hard exam, alignment will usually save your mark so as far as the HSC goes, you come out on top. However, UAC uses your RAW marks for the UAI, so what happens if your exam was particularly hard? Will the scaling be less severe? Is there anything to save you?
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    UAI ballpark

    Hey after sitting most of my exams, i've got a fair idea of how i went. I was looking for a uai estimate just to help me decide which uni courses i should look into, so i'm not wasting too much time on unrealistic goals. Adv. english - 90 Ext. english - 44 Ancient history - 90 Legal...
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    Module B [Critical study of texts]

    I've noticed the term "textual integrity" pops up a lot in the syllabus. a) What is it essentially asking for (ie what's a simple definition)? b) Could there be a question on it in this years exam? THANKYOU!
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    Crime dot point

    I've been doing legal all year and i've never ever noticed this dot point... -Assessing the efficiency and the effectiveness of various forms of legal measures in achieving justice through researching a current criminal justice issue Does anyone have an issue they have researched? Do i...
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    UAI calculator

    Hey I am after a UAI estimate to give me some idea what kind of UAI I am looking at and what courses I should look into. I go to a non-selective school so I guess it's a lot easier to achieve my ranks than at a selective school. Here are my ranks and assessment marks. Adv. English 90%...
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    Dumb Uni Offers Question

    Hey can someone just clear something up for me... You can only recieve one offer for a university placing, as UAC stops sorting through your preferences once you qualify for a course. if say, hmmm hypothetically you have macquarie liberal studies as your first preference, and wollongong...
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    Representation and texts

    This may sound like a pretty stupid question, but what's the difference between an event and a situation? When discussing both in relation to julius caesar, i get really confused. anyone care to explain it to me?