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  1. rambam92

    German Trial Results

    Howd everyone go in their trial exams i got 86 - would have liked 90 though
  2. rambam92

    Goethe-Institut HSC preparation courses

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone has done one of these courses (e.g. Preparation for HSC continuers exam 4 days) offered by Goethe. I think they are like a holiday course - if anyone has done one just share your thoughts on whether it was worth it or just a plain waste of time
  3. rambam92

    Native Speakers

    Hey i was wondering wat u guys think about native speakers sitting the german exams - unfair - especially speaking? Also how many of u are native speakers
  4. rambam92

    German in Year 12

    Hey im about to finish year 11 German - and i was wondering if someone could give me an insight into the difficulty of the course, whether it is better than the prelim. I havent enjoyed german at all this year At my school there is only like 6 of us doing german and there is no real...