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  1. piccaninny

    credit cards

    does anyone know bank with low interest rate for credit card? i have mine with anz right now but they charge heaps for all these fees. any ideas?
  2. piccaninny

    The National IQ Test

    next week is the IQ test, post your iq in here... my last years iq was 102 it an average, and i'm happy with it. i want to do the test once again to compare this years and last years IQs.
  3. piccaninny

    maths hsc mark

    i heard today from one sourse, i can not guarranty reliability of it, but: since the exam was so hard, BOS will take into account only assesment mark for exampe if your assesment mark was 90 and in exam you got 60 or 70, you final mark will be 90.
  4. piccaninny

    how many challenges??

    i wrote 7 pages expaining in great detail 2 challenges eg housing and traffic infrostructure, all my classmates talked about 6 or 7 challenges briefly. who is right and who is wrong this actually worring me, it didnt specify how many challenges to talk about. what way did you guys do?
  5. piccaninny

    how did you go?

    how did everyone go in the exam?
  6. piccaninny

    ecosystems at risk dilemma

    i'm so confused with ecosystems at risk. If they ask a question on vulnerability should i use my ecosystem which i studied ( great barrier reef) or in general talk about any ecosystem.??
  7. piccaninny

    ATTENTION: Lectures

    Guys!! In 2 weeks there will be lectures in Sydney UNI, preparation for hsc. The core topics will be revised. it cost $45, but if we go as a group it will be about $32. Is there anyone interested?
  8. piccaninny

    Senior Geography Project

    what was your SGP about? what mark did you get? and how long was it? i did mine about tidal movements at the georges river, it was 30 pages long, and my mark was 15 out of 20 ( it was pathetic, the mark) my teacher took of 20% for one day late. tell us about your project :apig: