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  1. Ghost1788

    What option do you study?

    Age of Silicon
  2. Ghost1788

    Spot the Error

    This is a question from the 2004 HSC paper though i a little confused so to clarify can someone do this question and post ur answer I have my answers but I am confused i can spot more than 2 errors with that algorithm..is it just me...???
  3. Ghost1788

    Coping with 2 exams in one day...

    yea refer to title I have 2 3hr exams Chem and software coming up in just over a week and i have no idea how i'm going to cope... so does anyone have any suggestions... as by 11am whatever i had for breakfast is used up and my stomach is grumbling andthe school canteen hasnt that much...
  4. Ghost1788


    Ok so for all those people who did get the answers to the questions in Question 8, Question 9 and Question 10 ...post your solution for all to see..i'm particularly curious about how some people managed to get answer for Question 10 part b... below is my solution for Question 10 part a i and...
  5. Ghost1788

    BOS Man Stamp of Approval

    wats the deal with this who gives the approval...y?...what does that tell the rest of Bored of Studies.....
  6. Ghost1788

    Sig Figs

    ok i just need to clarify...how do you simplify using sig figs ie. 13^(-1.2) to 3 sig figs does this become a) 4.60*10^(-2) or B) 4.61*10^(-2) basically i'm asking do also round off when using sig figs
  7. Ghost1788

    Algorithms - Error Checking HOW?

    Ok I just been doing question 22 of the 2001 HSC and i'm trying part a) iii) refer to attackments Now how do I write the error checking component of this question. This is all I’ve got so far Its not finished but can you people tell me if this is right. Also can you tell me how to...
  8. Ghost1788

    i needs 2004CSSA TRIAL solutions

    any one got the solutions to the 2004 CSSA TRIAL??? plz post it.....
  9. Ghost1788

    Speech Assessment HELP!!!!

    OK i got this assignment there are 2 questions q1 Explain how Judaism and Christianity have demonstrated a role and response to Poverty q2 evaluate the importance of Judaism and Christianity in influencing this issue in Australia today i need alot of help in the direction of Judaism i...
  10. Ghost1788

    umm anyone doing Age of Silicon this year?

    umm anyone doing Age of Silicon this year?
  11. Ghost1788


    Hi people um just wondering what is a good model DVD - Writer that writes to most formats relatively fast and where can you get it cheap in the Western Suburbs of Sydney with software NO OEM's Thanks in advance
  12. Ghost1788


    Ok this is goona seem stupid but how do you use bit torrent and where do you find the torrent files(on the net)... I have tried dling torrent files via morpheous but if u dc then i restarts when i reconnect so how is it supposed to be done...and why the files so big
  13. Ghost1788

    VB6.0 help ... Counting fortnights + Monthly interest charge

    Does anyone know how to code a monthview control to produce the following values ("The "*" represents the monthly anniversary of the settlement date which in this case is the 19th,") 12/04/2005 * 19/04/2005 26/04/2005 10/05/2005 * 19/05/2005 24/05/2005 7/06/2005 * 19/06/2005...
  14. Ghost1788

    I need Solutions for CSSA 2004 Trial

    Does anyone have or know where i could get the solutions for the 2004 Catholic Secondary Schools Association of New South Wales(CSSA) Trial Paper for Mathematics Extension 1? Ghost1788
  15. Ghost1788

    how do i interpret all this info

    Hi i am a yr 12 student and i am interested to applying for the Software Engineering Course but I have no clue how to interpret this page.... http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/programs/2005/3648.html Can someone help me...also what are the prerequisites for this course *excuse...
  16. Ghost1788

    How do u distinguish the state of 'love'

    I ask this question after reading this which got me interested....what do the ppl of BoS think/know being in Love is??? Ghost