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    Need help with two questions

    A guitar string has a length of 0.40m and is held fixed with both edges under tension. When it’s plucked, it oscillates with a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. What wavelength does the wave on the string have? Is the working just meant to be L=wavelength/2 (the fundamental frequency formula)...
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    Root2 help

    Does anyone know how you can prove that the ratio of the longer side length to the shorter side length of a piece of paper is equal to root2?
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    Inequality help?

    I'm having trouble answering these questions, especially b) and c). Any help/answers would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Enrollment dates help!

    Hi everyone! I'm currently enrolling in my semester 1 subjects, but I'm not sure if I'm meant to also enrol in semester 2 subjects now. Is semester 2 meant to be done now, or later on in the year??
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    UNSW vs. UTS Biotechnology

    Hey guys! As you can probably tell by the title, is biotechnology better at UNSW or UTS? Also are subjects of similar difficulty at both uni’s? Is this a good undergraduate course to undertake in terms of employability outcomes? Thanks in advance :)
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    PDHPE exam question - worried!

    The question from the 2017 HSC PDHPE exam: Using examples, explain how specific vitamins and/or minerals affect athletic performance. (5 marks) I just realised that I misread the question. I wrote about how vitamin and mineral supplements can be detrimental to performance, e.g. an excessive...