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    Maths/Science @ USyd Vs Maths/Science at ANU

    I got my results back and did better than expected, getting guaranteed entry into USyd BSci/MMathSci, supposedly with Daylell Scholars, but I don't know if this is better than the Mathematical Sciences/Science degree at ANU. In terms of location, I would have to move away from home for both unis...
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    Has anyone done/is doing mathematical sciences degree at ANU?

    I am planning on doing this degree next year, doubled with science, and was just wondering about a few things: Is it a lot better than maths degrees offered by other unis? I have heard that the maths degree at ANU skips over a lot of of extension 2 recap that is done at other unis such as USyd...
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    Looking for an ATAR estimate

    Hey guys, I recently received my overall ranks for a lot of my subjects and am looking for an ATAR estimate. I am really hoping to get over 98, but think that may be a bit unrealistic. Here are my marks and ranks: School Rank: ~230 in 2018, ~180 in 2017 (Subject/Trial Mark/Overall Rank) English...
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    Does anyone have copies of trial papers from this year?

    I sat the independent trial, and want to try out some other papers from this year, mainly from Sydney Grammar, James Ruse, Sydney Boys/Girls etc ( I have done a lot of the past years on thsc already). Thank you in advance for any response.
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    Trial Sharing Thread

    Most of us have finished trials now, so I thought I would make a thread for sharing our school trial papers. I can post mine, but a lot of them are independent/exam choice, which I'm not sure is alright to post on this site. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.
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    What raw marks in extension 2 generally correspond to state ranks?

    Hi all I am aiming for a state rank, preferably top 5, in this years's extension 2 maths hsc, and want to know what types of raw marks I should be aiming for to achieve the goal. I have done several past trials, and generally score in the high 90s, though they are self marked, so that may be...