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  1. Squar3root

    UNSW chit chat thread

    https://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/courses/2019/gens5003 this course was piss ez got 92 didn't even try was just 2 x assignments when i did it
  2. Squar3root

    That is true my anime friend

    That is true my anime friend
  3. Squar3root

    What is your iq?

    guess ur not a genius then ;)
  4. Squar3root

    What is your iq?

    Update on your IQ
  5. Squar3root

    Question about getting into Australian Universities and the HSC

    yea fair enough algos/logic are very important in developing software but just like HSC physics it's more so u can just understand the concepts like for example current is inversely proportional to resistance and things like that.
  6. Squar3root

    Question about getting into Australian Universities and the HSC

    also one of your mates is probably struggling because programming is another way of thinking. you can't just start writing #include stdio.h main void and expect things to work. you have to work out the program logic then what steps you need to get there like if statements, functions, external...
  7. Squar3root

    Question about getting into Australian Universities and the HSC

    stick with this if you're happy with it plus other subjects you mean english or you plan to do more than 10U for the HSC (in which case that is a terrible idea) nope unless if you had an interest in those
  8. Squar3root

    Question about getting into Australian Universities and the HSC

    if you really wanted to learn programming, you can learn python, java, C/C++ in your spare time during high school
  9. Squar3root

    Question about getting into Australian Universities and the HSC

    SDD does not help much, if at all. If you have an interest in pursuing engineering you should be aiming to do extension 2 math (ext 1 at least) as well as physics if you really wanted to. the other 2 subjects you pick can be whatever as no other HSC course will prep you for uni
  10. Squar3root

    How do HSC markers bother reading messy responses and still give band 5/6?

    you think that is messy? lol im sure they can do it with experience and practice
  11. Squar3root


  12. Squar3root

    Degree ?

    not sure what ur asking but all branches of engineering are somewhat related in one way or another for example, I have a degree in mechatronics engineering but at work I do a bit of design work (mechanical?) and designing PCBs (electrical) as well as bit of research on materials/manufacturing...
  13. Squar3root

    Degree ?

    Nah i heard Never heard of a degree called "electronics engineering" If you happen to find one then compare and contrast with computer engineering and that should answer your question
  14. Squar3root

    Doing 11 units, someone explain how my atar will be calculated?

    those are 2U subjects with the exception of ext history of which are 1U your atar are the best 8 units inclusive of 2U of english so say legal studies was ur lowest mark they would take 1U of legal studies and 1U of ext history
  15. Squar3root

    Degree ?

    if u look at the handbooks at unsw https://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/specialisations/2019/ELECAH https://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/specialisations/2019/COMPBH u can see that the first 2 years are similar then 3rd and 4th years are different
  16. Squar3root

    Degree ?

    yea if you also want to head down that path. your subjects won't be specifically focused on comp eng tho it will also be other areas like power systems, signal processing etc - things you may not necessarily like
  17. Squar3root

    Failing uni

    also keep in mind failing an exam (one) is not a huge deal. to pass the unit, you just need an overall mark >50 and how you get that is up to you. You could literally not hand in any assignments and get 100% in the final exam and your overall mark will be 50 (assuming they are equally weighted...
  18. Squar3root

    Degree ?

    computer engineering yea or software engineering or computer science
  19. Squar3root

    Tension question

    looks like the correct way to approach it. you may have missed a negative or something or taken a vector the wrong way or possibly a mathematical error